What is an IDE? Why So Important in Coding? Which is best IDE?

What is an IDE? Top Best Ide

What is an IDE?


IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a powerful software.Basically it is a text editor but, contains extra features for coding. It provides more functions and customization for coding to a developer. Without IDE’s, It is very difficult for a developer to code properly and faster.

You can also code with microsoft’s default text editor. But It takes very long time to code and also there is very high chances of mistakes.Whereas IDE shows you the mistakes that you have done in the code.but simple text editor can’t show your mistakes.

So, there is very difficult to find your mistake and fix in simple text editor.Whereas in an IDE will find your mistakes and recommends possible fix. Also you can directly run your code in an IDE but not in the case of simple text editor. To run your code, you have to install a separate software.

So, this is an IDE that makes your coding faster, provides you the extra and best features. That makes you to coding easier.Some of the features we have discussed above. but there is large amount of other features that are so useful. We will discuss further.

Why So Important in Coding ?

Why IDE is so important

Without an IDE, a developer must have to manage many things and tools separately. For example : Like you are making an App with coding in a simple text editor. Then you have to code in a text editor and meanwhile for checking your code is right or not, Is there any mistakes in your code.You have to compile your code separately and you have to install a compiler. If there is a mistake then you have to go back to your code and have to find mistakes and have to fix that.

While finding your mistakes and fix that, you have to waste your time. And after all that, you have to install another software for running your app. And after all these things and wasting your too much time in switching apps and finding problems. Then you can publish you App.

Whereas an IDE brings all these things in a single framework. you can do all these things in an IDE at the same time. Like compiling your code, designing apps, running apps directly and find mistakes easily with mistake highlighter. You can easily understand your code with syntax highlighter feature.

So, basically an IDE makes your coding faster and easier.Also provides perfectness in your coding skills. So, that’s why an IDE is so important.

An IDE also increases the readability of the code. Like, if you have to make an app or website and you have to give that coding to your seniors. Then with syntax highlighter, your seniors can easily understand your coding. But that is very difficult with a simple text editor. That’s an another plus point to an IDE.

Choose Best IDE ( Integrated Development Environment)

Choose the best IDE

So, in this article I will introduce you the best IDE’s that you can use. There is a very large number of IDE’s present on the internet. But I will give you the best IDE’s list in this article. These IDE’s includes the best features and supports multiple languages.

So, Lets’ start with the most basic and asked question on the internet.That is , ‘what is an IDE?’ This is the most asked question. I have told you about that in the above section. So, now I am not talking about that.

Now I am talking about the basic features that an IDE must have. I have told you that an IDE made for the easiness of developers. An IDE includes many features that can help the developers in many ways. The features that I have told in the above section. That is just a trailer of the picture.

An IDE includes another high level and large number of features in it.But, now i a telling you the minimum features that a developer needs, Must have in an IDE. That features are:

  • An IDE must includes syntax highlighter, Without this feature an IDE is just a garbage software.
  • Compiler and Interpreted must be included in an IDE. These can translate your coding into machine language.Then you can easily run your coding.
  • Problem or Mistake highlighter is the best feature for an IDE. that must be included.
  • IDE must have automate make integration feature in it.
  • Customizable IDE is also a very important thing in an IDE. An IDE must have a good and customizable GUI.
  • IDE must support multiple programming languages.So, you can code in various languages in an IDE.
  • Extra features must be included in an IDE.

Best IDE’s That You Can Try

I have listed these IDE’s on the basis of user experience, their rankings, their growth rate, and my personal experience.

# Microsoft’s Visual Studio:-

Visula studio weboking

This is one of the best and the famous IDE in the world. There are tons of features available in this . This IDE was launched by the Microsoft .And this is the best and the most trending IDE. This is one of the heaviest IDE and run easily on high end laptops or pc.

This IDE achieved the No.1 Rank in the world according to the PYPL. Share rate of this software is 25 %. Which is a very good thing. It has +3.4 % growth rate. Which is great thing.

Now we will discuss about the features of this IDE. Almost every feature is available in this IDE that a developer needs.

  • It supports Asp.Net, Python, Node.Js, c++, C, C# and other languages.
  • It also supports web, apps, game development and unity.
  • Has a large number of extensions and plugins in library.
  • It has customizable GUI. Which is a great feature.
  • It can also monitor your apps or websites real time performance.
  • Various automation tools available in this.
  • It has code snippets insertions and customize code snippets.

Disadvantage :-

It is a very heavy software and difficult to run in low end computers. It uses more resources to run.So, it will be very slower in some devices.

# IntelliJ Idea

Intellij Idea weboking

This is also a one of the best IDE. I have personally used it for coding and my experience was so good. So, that’s why I am personally recommends you to use it. It has many features like visual studio. but it can also run in low end PC. However it can be slower in low end laptops.

If you are a Java developer then this is the best for you. Because this is specially optimized for java developers. It comes with amazing tools that a java developers needs. It also supports another programming languages. And you can use it for other languages as well as.

It achieved Rank 6th in the most used IDE’s in the world According to PYPL. It has share of 5.93% and +1.2 % growth rate.

I have placed this IDE on no. second, because I have used this and I am personally recommends you to try this. It has features like visual studio and can be run on low end PC with 4GB Ram.

Features are:-

  • It supports Angular.Js, CS, HTML, javscript, Node.js, Python, Ruby, sass, typescript and also other languages.
  • This is a database editor and UML desginer IDE.
  • It comes with Github integration.
  • Supports multiple engines like Google app engine, grails, GWT, Java EE, hybernate, Play etc.
  • Best IDE for html, css, javascript and whole web development.
  • Air mobile supports, a great and time saving feature.
  • Test runner UI is the best feature available in it.
  • Also supports multiple build systems.


This is difficult to learn for a beginner.

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# Pycharm

Pycharm weboking

If you are a python developer then this is a best for you. It comes with with best features for python developers.It also supports other programming languages and multiple platforms. But like IntelliJ idea , This is specially optimized for python developers.

It achieved rank 5th in PYPL’s most popular IDE’s list. it has share of 7.58 % and has +2.5% growth rate.

It comes with various features like other IDE’s. But the main features are:-

  • It also comes with Django IDE.
  • It can be easily integrated with Git.
  • Has a good customizable GUI with awesome features.
  • It supports Angular js, CSS, Python, Cython, HTML, javascript, Node.js and other languages.
  • Supports Google app engine.


It has some bugs that are still not fixed.

# Eclipse

Eclipse weboking

This is a completely free and flexible open source Editor. This is very famous among the developers. Originally this is a Java development environment. It has a very large number plugins and extensions. By default, it comes with java and plugin development tools.

It also supports other programming languages. But like InteliJ Idea , it is more optimized for Java programming.

It has acquired 2nd rank among the most famous & used IDEs in the world. It has share of 16.7% and growth rate +3.4 %.

The main features are :

  • Supported languages are C++, C, Java, Pearl, PHP, Python, Ruby and more.
  • Most optimized for Java programming language.
  • Simple but good GUI.
  • It also have junit integration.


This is a good software, but not much features as other IDEs.

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# Sublime Text Editor

Sublime text editor weboking

This is also a free software. Best IDE for low end laptops and PC. It has a large variety of plugins. It supports many programming languages. I have also tried this one. Good and fast GUI with amazing features. But not as much as other IDE’s

If you have a low end PC and want to code perfectly and fast. Then you can try this one. It can easily run on any PC. Must try this.

PYPL placed this IDE on 10th ranked in the world’s most used IDE’s list. It has share of 3.57% and growth rate of +0.1%.

Main Features are:

  • Supports large number programming languages. Like java, javascript, python, PHP, Ruby, R, c, C++, C#, ASP, GO, CSS, HTML, and many other languages.
  • Simple GUI.
  • Lightweight and very faster IDE.
  • Large number of plugins available.


Not large no. of features providing.

# Code:: Blocks

Code block weboking.

This is also a very popular and free IDE. This is also an open source IDE. It is highly customizable IDE. If you are a C++/ C developer then this is the best IDE for you. But not supports other languages.

PYPL placed this IDE to 11th rank in most used IDE in world’s list. it has share of 1.84% and has +0.4% growth rate.

Mani features are:

  • Easy to navigate GUI.
  • Compatible with Linux, Mac and windows.
  • It has many pre-built and custom built plugins.
  • Has syntax highlighter and auto complete.
  • It has many customizable external tools.
  • Lightweight IDE.


Good for the beginners, but not suitable for advance coders. Because it has limitations and also supports only c/c++ and fortran.

Guys , there are many other IDE’s available in this list. But the is article already becomes very big. So we will discuss about that IDE’s in our next article. And I will also share my and other user experiences. So please stay updated with us.

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