3 Quick & Intant Steps to Monetize Pinterest


most people don’t know how to monetize their Pinterest page traffic.

Pinterest is best Source for US Traffic

Do you know? Pinterest has nearly 1 Billion monthly active users and from them 43.95% users are from USA.

So, its a great platform if you are targeting USA traffic and this will upscale your earnings from website

Did you Know?

An Average  Digital marketer on pinterest earns $400 - 1000 per month. you can earn a great amount of money with simple strategies.

Why Use Pinterest?

Today Pinterest has 1 billion Users. from that 1 billion users, 41.28% of users are from USA

In short, Pinterest has a huge audience and this is the best place for  marketing and drive high-quality traffic to your blog, selling the  products, and many more things.


Why only These 3 Ways?

I have included only 3 ways , because most of the peoples who are watching this story my be absolute beginners.

So, I am telling you the best 3 and beginner friendly ways to monetize Pinterest.

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1.) Blog + Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an awesome and evergreen way to monetize any kind  of traffic. just start doing affiliate  marketing on Pinterest with proper strategies.

Blog + Google Adsense

There is lots of money you can earn from google AdSense + Pinterest marketing. Because Pinterest’s 41.28% traffic are from USA, good and high CPC.

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