Top 11 Hacking Movies |That will Inspire You

Top 11 hacking movies list

Guys, Are you looking for the movies that will inspire you. Technology and Hacking movies are the most inspiring movie types in the world. Most of the peoples are loved to watch that type of movies. So, Here is the top 11 hacking movies list for you.

But, Most of the peoples does not knows about the top hacking movies. There are many types of the hacking movies available on the internet. That hacking movies have the best and great scenes.

If you want to be a hacker in the real world. Then you must these movies. Because these movies will be very useful for your ambition. These movies will definitely inspire you.

We have divided these movies in 3 series. Today, one of the series from them, I am sharing with you with this blog. In this series, there is mixed up of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Top 11 Hacking Movies are :-

hacking movies

#The Hacker Wars

weboking about us

This movie was released on 17th October 2014. This movie was too good with awesome hacking scenes. If you are a tech geek then you must watch this movie. This is an angry documentary of an angry young man.

According to the IMdb , This movie gets 6.5 stars.

The Hacker Wars (2014) on IMDb

#Code 2600

This movie was released on april 2012. It is also a very good movie.The hacking scenes are very interesting in this movie.It will also inspire you to become a hacker as well as the above discussed movie. This is also a very interesting movies. Must watch it.

Imdb gives 7.3 starts to this movie.

Code 2600 (2011) on IMDb

#Deep Web

This is also an amazing movie. This movie was launched in 2015 and as well as gets a very good response. This also a hollywood movie. This is a documentary movie with awesome scenes. Must watch this movie. It is also a very inspiring movie for the tech geeks.

IMdb gives 7 stars to this movie.

Deep Web (2015) on IMDb


This is a bollywood movie as well as contains awesome hacking scenes. If you want to watch a hacking movie in hindi then you can watch this. I have also watched this movie and recommends you to watch this movie. This movie also tells us that , How much hackers are powerful in this world.

Imdb gives 4.2 stars to this movie

Hacked (2020) on IMDb


This is also a bollywood movie. This means you can watch this in hindi. In this movie a man falls into love with a girl. However, their life takes a serious turn when they fall victim to cyber-bullying. Awesome movie with awesome scenes.Must watch this movie.

IMdb gives 5.2 stars to this movie.

Kee (2019) on IMDb

#Who Am I

This is one of the my most favorite movie. This is also hollywood movie. I loved this movie. because of it’s great story. I really recommends you to watch this movie. In this move a young German computer whiz, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that wants to be noticed on the world’s stage.

Imdb gives 7.6 stars to this movie.

Who Am I (2014) on IMDb

#A wednesday

This is also a bollywood movie and released in 2008. This is also a nice movie. Must watch this movie. similarly this is very popular movie.

IMdb gives 8.1 stars

A Wednesday (2008) on IMDb

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# Takedown

This movie was released in 2000,but still very popular. Amazing scenes as well as good story. Must watch this movie.This film is based on the story of the capture of computer hacker Kevin Mitnick.

IMdb gives 6.3 stars

Takedown (2000) on IMDb


This movie was released in 2014 with good story. In this movie a freelance computer hacker discovers a mysterious government computer program. He breaks into the program and is thrust into a revolution. but IMdb gives only 4.3 stars to this movie, don’t know why?

Algorithm (2014) on IMDb

# Hacker

This movie was released in 2016 and gets an attractiveness with it’s story. It becomes very popular on the web. You must watch this movie as IMbd gives 6.2 stars to this. So, of course this is a nice movie.

Hacker (2016) on IMDb

#The Hacker

This movie launched in 2015. It gets a very good response from the audience.Similarly you can measure it’s popularity by knowing the star ratings. IMdb gives 7.2 stars to this.

The Hacker (2015) on IMDb

So here are the Top 11 hacking Movies, hope you will enjoy it.

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