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Did you know about the TikTok clone app source code? Hey Guys, I am sandeep and I am here again with a new and most awaited script. This script is a TikTok clone script.  First of I wants to tell you that this script source code is for android studio. This means you can make your own app like TikTok for android.

Believe me Guys, this is the best TikTok clone script ever. You can edit this app in android studio by changing the logo, icons, background images, and change your google Admob ads. Almost everything that you want. You can download this script easily. You can find the download link at the bottom of this page.

 But at first please read the paragraph , instructions , how to install this tiktok clone script , make app and setup all things.

So this article is divided into 5 topics :

  • What is TikTok Clone Script and How it Works ?
  • Features Of this Clone Script.
  • How to earn with this script ?
  • How to make App with android studio with this script ?
  • Download the tiktok clone script.

What is TikTok Clone Script and How it Works ?

TikTok Clone script is a file of set of various codes. With this script you can easily make your own app like tiktok without knowing any special coding skills.  If you wants you can change your app’s logo, icons, background images , app name in android studio etc.

Basically this clone script make a video sharing platform that lets users to create and share videos online through this platform like tiktok app does. After that , videos can be edited in this app , because this app provides various number of editing effects , filters etc.

As we all are know that, tiktok was a perfect platform for showing your talent and knowledge online, but after the tiktok banned in India. Peoples are looking forward for that kind of app in the market. So, you can do this with this amazing clone script.

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Features of this Clone Script:

This script provides you the latest most needed features + extra features. Like chatting , send pictures, videos. Verification tick , Large number of video filters , songs , Admin Panel etc.

Features of tiktok clone script
  • Log in & Sign up :

Users can use the app by signing up or signing in. After signing up , users can post content on the app. Several options for signing up is provided eg: email, social network, and phone number.

  • Edit Profile :

This app offers the users to customize their profiles , e.g. They can easily change their profile pictures or username, can add bio , and many more things to customize.

  • Upload Videos :

Now upload your videos on this app. how to make a TikTok-like app successful? It’s necessary to provide users with an easy and fast way to post videos. As a result, it’s better to consider sharing options beforehand.

  • Tons of Filters and Effects available :

Tiktok clone script app offers many stunning and beautiful filters and effects on videos. This is an important feature for a tiktok clone app. Because tiktok is also known for it’s filters and effects.

  • Awesome Video Editing Features:

Users can also edit their videos with amazing video editing features. You can see it’s amazing video editing quality.

  • Easy Video Sharing

Users can also share their favourite videos. To gain more users, you can  share your videos with different options. It stands for the ability to share their publications on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Additionally, TikTok  clone offers to connect the user’s profile to other social networks.

  • Admin Panel :

Admin panel have various functions like user management (e.g. edit, delete, or block users). You can also track the how your video is performing.

Guys these are the some basic features that this tiktok clone script provides. But there are so many other features like :

  • Realtime Video analytics
  • Location based Content Provides
  • AR Filters
  • Provides video preview before registration
  • Live streaming etc.

How to Earn with This Clone Script ?

Guys there are various methods to earn with this script. Like affiliate marketing , By running Ads , paid promotions etc.

hoe to earn with Tiktok clone script

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But today I will talks about only two and most famous methods of earning from any app.

  • By Running Ads From Admob /Facebook/ Adcolony :

Guys, you can easily earn with this script just by running ads from Google admob or from Facebook ads. This is an amazing and most popular way to earning from an app.

If you don’t know about google admob or facebook ads. So, don’t worry you can search about that on youtube or also my special dedicated video is coming on this “ How to setup ads on this Tiktok clone app.”  So, be in patience , you can subscribe my youtube channel for that video.

  • Paid Promotions or Affiliate Marketing :

You can do run promotions or your affiliate link on that app . This is also an amazing thing that you can do for earning. If you wants a dedicated video on this topic , then just comment under this article.

How to Convert this Script Into an App  in Android Studio?

Hey You can easily convert this script into an android app. You have to just follow my all steps.

Note : If any step misses then your app will does not work . So, please read it carefully.

Note all the instruction with full Tutorial videos of setup is given to a instructions file that you can download from here :

Steps :

  1. Generate apk from android studio
  2. Setup backend on your website or any php server.

Steps for generating APK from this Script:

  • Open android studio on your desktop or laptop.
  • Then just click on ‘open project.’
  • Then just locate the file that you have downloaded and open the folder.
  • Now click on the file that have an android icon and  click on open.
  • Then android studio will open the script and sync will starts.
  • Then if you wants to make any changes, then you can make, otherwise you can directly make an app. ( A special Dedicated video is coming on our Youtube channel )
  • Then click on build > generate signed apk.
  • Then just fill all the details and click on generate apk.
  • Now your app is ready and apk will be created in your chosen folder.
  • Now you can check your apk by installing it on your android phone .


Setup Backend in your Website or Any PHP Server

Guys , now you have to setup backend of your apk for it’s working. Like video uploading , all the things occurs in backend.

First of all you will need a hosting. If you have then it’s great. If not then you have to buy a hosting first.

You can buy best Performing and Cheap hosting for this script from here :

–>Hostinger Cloud Hosting

–> Bluehost Hosting

If I writes single – single instruction on this post , then definitely this article will becomes so long. So, that’s why I have created an dedicated instructions file for you. You can download that and read all the instruction with tutorial videos.

Guys, I have created a dedicated Instructions  file for backend setup . You can download that file from here. In that file , fully explained ”how to setup backend , android studio code with customizations with all customizable and explained videos.”

Direct Script Download Link is Here : Download

Download Instructions file ( Instructions + Video on both tiktok clone setup + customization  Android studio+ Backend Server setup + Tutorial videos) that file from here :

#Download the tiktok clone script:

You can download the TikTok Clone Script from here :

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  1. Hi,
    I downloaded your code but I have some problems to find keyhash to Facebook login. In your video, you said to run the codein my emulator and after, to click on profile tab to get the keyhash in logcat. However, when I try run it, the error message shows:
    “Could not determine the dependencies of task ‘:app:compileDebugJavaWithJavac’.
    > Could not resolve all task dependencies for configuration ‘:app:debugCompileClasspath’.
    > Could not find dev.dworks.libs:volleyplus:.
    Required by:
    project :app
    > Could not find com.theartofdev.edmodo:android-image-cropper:.
    Required by:
    project :app

    Possible solution:
    – Declare repository providing the artifact, see the documentation at https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/declaring_repositories.html


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