STOP ! Learning These programming Languages| Top Worse Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

Top worse programming languages to learn in 2021

Top Worse Programming Languages to Learn in Future : If you are learning these programming languages. Then stop it now. Because you are just wasting your time and energy on it.

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Hey Guys, my name is Sandeep Singh. I am a blogger and a software engineering student. Guys many peoples read my blogs and contact me after reading my blogs. Most of the peoples in my audience are learning the programming languages, They usually asked me that they are learning python, java, javascript or other languages. Is that languages are right to learn for grabbing a job in future. Which languages should they learn to grab a job in future.

I replied and answered most of the peoples. But some them are learning wrong programming languages. Those languages that has no future. Almost their future is ended up.But there are tons of programming languages that are available in the market. They usually asking me that which language should they learn. So I have suggested them to learn new and the most trending programming languages. That languages has future and you can easily grab a job in future.

So, there are many peoples that are want to become a software engineer, but they starts with a wrong programming language or wrong roadmap. So, I have created a list of top worse programming languages to learn in future.

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Stop ! if you want to grab a job in big companies

You have not to learn these programming languages if you want to grab a job in the future in big companies. These now become too old and not provide new features. Their growth rate is continuously decreasing day by day. And maybe close in upcoming years.

So, today I will tell you, which programming language you should not to learn in 2021 or upcoming years. I will share a list of top worse programming languages to learn.

According to PYPL and TIOBE.

I have created this list according to the PYPL and TIOBE index. On the basis of their growth rate and popularity decrease rate. This list is not the official list, I am just recommending this only for informational purpose.

I did not recommends you to learn these programming languages, if you want a job in big companies. Like Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc. But if you want to learn only for your interest in those languages, then you can learn these languages.

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Top worst programming languages to learn in 2021 or upcoming years


Top worse programming languages to learn iin 2021 list(Kotlin)

Guys, this is a general purpose free and open source programming language. This is initially designed for JVM( Java Virtual Machine) and android development. TIOBE indexed this language in 33th position. It has ratings of 0.39 % .Which is decreased and decreasing yearly.

Reasons for coming in worst language list :-

  • Used only for Android app development. Nothing else.
  • Very bad growth rate.
  • Bad community engagement.
  • Because this is an alternative of java. But used only for android development. Peoples recommends Java more than Kotlin, because you can use java for multipurpose. Like android and ios app development, website development etc.

So, that’s why this language is not recommended for learning in 2021.


Top worse programming languages to learn iin 2021 list(perl)

This language is designed and developed by Larry Wall. It is released on 18th December 1987. Almost 32 years old programming language. It’s latest version perl 6 has released. According to the TIOBE it’s popularity is decreasing day by day.

Reasons for not to learn this language:-

  • This is a high level, general purpose, intrepreted , dynamic language.
  • It’s latest version Perl 6 has released. which is not so good.
  • According to the TIOBE Perl 6 has entered in top 100 at 93th Position. But going down.
  • It is also has unconventional, confusing syntax and unclear future.

So, that’ why this language is not getting popularity. According to TIOBE , it has ranked at 3rd place in 2005 and then in 2019 it has ranked at 19th place. which is not so good. but in 2020 it has ranked at 11th place. So this language has unclear future. Sometimes it getting some puplarity with decent growth rate but some times going down with worst growth rate.

In the present I did not recommend this language for learning. Because it has very unstable rankings.

#Coffee script

Top worse programming languages to learn iin 2021 list(Coffeescript)

This is a web development programming language. This language not very popular. It is not indexed in TIOBE’s top languages. which is not so good. But some peoples are learning this programming language in 2020.

Reasons not to learn this one:-

  • A very poor growth rate.
  • It has worst community engagement. which is a bad thing for a programming language.
  • Not very high demand in job section.
  • Not in TIOBE’s top 50 languages list.

So, if you are learning this language. Please take a look at this before learning. Please do deep search on the language that you are learning.

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# Objective-C

Worse programming languages to learn in 2021 ( Objective c)

This language was launched by apple. It is 35 years old programming language. but now the company wants to dead this language.Because they have started using swift now.

Reasons for this languages are:

  • Objective-c is now old and not provides modern features.
  • Apple launched swift, which is new and more improved from Objective-C.
  • More developers started using swift instead of Objective-C.
  • It is placed at 18th place by TIOBE. but constantly decreasing growth rate with -0.64%.

So, the apple now started using Swift for their IOS development. So I did not recommend you to learn that programming language, which not used by it’s own company.


Elm (wore language to learn)

This is also a web development programming language.This is not a very famous language.

Reasons for this languages are:

  • It has 4th worst community engagement in the world.
  • Constantly falling growth rate.
  • It was placed 5th worst programming language in job market category.
  • Not very famous language among the developers.

Another worst programming languages to learn in 2021

Worse languages last photo

Guys, there are also another worst programming languages to learn in 2021 available in this list. But we will discuss on that in my next blog article. because this article already becomes very big and I don’t want to bore you with a big article.

So there are also another languages in this list like Pascal, Fortran, Lua etc. I will give this informatio on my next article. So please stay in touch with us.

So please be aware from learning these language. I hope you would like our article. please share this article as much as you can. Thank you.


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