New Google Search Console Insights Update : ( Important for Every Website Owners)

Google Search Console Update

Google search console Insights update has Arrived !!!

Recently Google has launched his new Google Search Console Insights. 

Now what is this Search Console Update and how it works and beneficial for website owners??

Well Yesterday , Google Search Central Tweeted about Google’s new Search console insights tool.

Here is the tweet:

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In this Update you’re able to see :

  • Your best performing content
  • How peoples find your content
  • What peoples search before they visit to your site

So, lets find out, how this new tool is beneficial for content creators on website? And what features this tool will provides to us?

How this Google search console Insights works and helps you?

Well, this tool is for better understanding of your website content and what type of audience visiting on your site. 

Like your best performing content ….

How search console insights works

Basically this will help you to better understand which content of yours resonates with your audiences, 

So the google launched a new experience called Search Console Insights

This experience joins data from both Search Console and Google Analytics to make it easy to understand your content’s performance. 

Doesn’t matters,  you are a web content creator, blogger, or a website owner, and independent of your technical expertise, 

It can provide you with an overview and helpful insights on how your content is performing. Google says, this update will gradually rolled out for all search console users in upcoming days.

You will be able to know :

  • Your best performing content pieces, and your trending contents
  • How peoples find your content
  • What peoples search before they visits to your site
  • Which article refers users to your website and content?

In your search console insights.

How You Find this New Search Console Insights?

  • Go Search Console’s Overview page. And select Search console insights from left
  • Use this link to access it directly.
  • Coming soon – In the iOS Google App, select Search Console Insights in the account menu (tap your profile picture). Google is working on also adding Android Google App support.

Benefits Of this Google search console Insights update ??


Now you can access google search console insights, even if you don’t use Google analytics.

But google recommends  to link analytics account to search console for getting a full experience and best insights.

Now you will able to see your insights and best performing content, also your content position, etc. directly in your search console.

Now you’ll no need to open analytics for such small things. But if you wants to fully learn about your audience, then you’ll have to use analytics.

Search console insights picture

But Search Console Insights only supports Google Analytics Universal Analytics properties (their ID starts with a “UA-“), but Google also working to support Analytics 4.

Hope Guys, This article (“New Google search console insights update) will be helpful for you. So, stay tuned with us and we will always update you with latest google updates and SEO Optimization Strategies.

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