Landing Page Optimization Guide 2.0 – Ultimate Guide🔥

Landing Page Optimization guide 2.0

Landing Page Optimization Guide 2.0 :

Landing Pages have been called the “Ultimate business card online”. Because landing pages are designed to send targeted traffic from specific sources, while sends traffic from all sources.

Landing pages are often used in conjunction with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, such as Google AdWords, so as to increase conversions from the campaign.

Benefits of Landing Page Optimization :

  • Get Quality and Engaging Audience/Visitors .
  • You can easily focus on your Targeted Audiences.
  • Can Generate Maximum leads or conversions.
  • Can do high earning by generating maximum sales.
  • Get high sales for your product, Affiliate product , etc.
  • Can create a high quality sales funnel.

Landing pages are web pages that are intended to capture leads from visitors for either conversion or just lead generation. The difference between landing pages and regular web pages is the latter has more information and focuses on creating awareness (at least in most cases),

while a landing page only has primary information to get an order, subscription or request from a visitor. A/B testing can be conducted to know which design works best for your audience and your brand.

So, here are our today’s topics:

What are Landing Pages ?

Landing Pages are those web-pages, which are specially designed for a single desired action. Such as Filling out a form, sign up, making a purchase or free trial, etc.

What is a Landing Page
Credits: Backlinko

Who uses the Landing Pages most ?

  • eCommerce Site Owners
  • Bloggers
  • Online Store Users
  • Digital Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Business Websites

f you’re running an eCommerce site, you use them. If you manage an online store, you definitely use them. Landing pages are a set of web pages designed to make money for your online company. They are what most people refer to as a “conversion funnel” — a certain flow of features that guide and funnel visitors into buying the product they want.”

How we drives Web-Traffic to a Landing Page ?

How we drive traffic on landing page( Landing page optimization
credits : Backlinko


We drive traffic or audiences to our landing page through 3 Ways :

#Social Media : Basically, in this way, we share our landing page on various social media platforms, and drives interested audience to our website’s landing page. Mainly used social media platforms are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • We can also use “YouTube” for driving quality traffic to our website, etc.

#Running Ads : This is the most used and most effective way generating quality audience and leads. Mostly used method. The main Ad running platforms are :

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads ( Basically Facebook ads that we runs on Instagram) .etc.

#E-mail : This is the fastest growing method in terms of driving quality audience/ Users to a landing page. We promote our landing page through e-mail. Firstly we must have a e-mail list for using this method.

Landing Page Optimization Strategies 2021 | Landing Page Optimization Guide 2.0

First of all lets begin with a Perfect optimized structure of  a landing page :

#1.) A perfect Optimized Landing Page Structure :

Landing Page Optimization is not a big deal, But firstly be careful about the landing page structure. We must need an optimized structure of a landing page for landing page optimization.

You Landing Page must be optimized for users. Content and call to action must clearly visible to the visitors. Here, in the image you can see a normal and optimized structure of a Landing Page:

Perfect STructure for a landing page

In the above image, you have seen a perfect landing page structure. This is an optimized structure of a landing page.

What elements you can see in a simple and optimized Landing Page?

  • Catchy HeadLine
  • Hero Image
  • Write Main Points and Benefits
  • CTA Button

How to Write a Catchy Headline for a Landing Page?

Catchy Headlines For landing page optimization

Catchy headlines are the first things that people notice when they visit a website or read a blog post.

A good headline is intriguing enough to make someone stop on what they’re doing with their lives and read what you have to say.

This makes headlines one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. Learn how to create Amazing Catchy Headlines for landing page optimization.

How to Use Hero Image in Landing Page?

A hero image is one of the most important elements of a landing page.

How to do Hero Image optimization in landing page

It creates a visual impact that increases conversion as the conversation rate is more than 40%. Various researches, like the eye-tracking study, have shed light on the habits of visitors when it comes to web pages.

One thing is for sure:

visitors tend to focus on the upper left part of the website and look for easy ways out from there.

 Clearly Mention Main Points and Benefits for User:

We have to clearly mention main benefits and main points of the product that is most beneficial for the user. In order to create a landing page that converts, first, you need to get your main points across to users – in a clear and concise manner.

CTA Button :

CTA button is the most important and essential element of any landing page. Because user Buys or converts through this CTA button.

Just put one single CTA button in a landing page for better results. Don’t use too many CTA buttons in a Landing Page.

#2.) Use Scarcity Techniques

Do you want to increase your Landing Page CTA or Sales? If so, use scarcity techniques. Scarcity tactics are all about urgency. Urgency and scarcity can help increase conversions.

Scarcity technique example for optimization of landing pages

If you want to make an impression, then using scarcity techniques is for you. Scarcity marketing makes people believe that what they are seeing is the last for them.

Although scarcity tactics can be used in any area of your business, it’s most popularly used in sales as a means of convincing prospects that they must act quickly and purchase now if they want to avoid missing out.

Scarcity is a powerful strategy. Doesn’t matter if it’s scarcity of time, money, or physical resources. Scarcity always seems to be a “get more” tactic for people.

That’s why we use scarcity on a daily basis. From our email marketing campaigns to when we use time-restricted promotions that only last 24 hours, scarcity has proven to work over and over again.

#3. Show Your Clear Offer to the Users

There is one golden rule for creating lead generation landing pages: what to offer visitors and how to make your offer clear, as well as persuading them to take action. This is the key element of any good landing page design.

How to write a clear heading for optimization of landing page

As you can see, this is my post “Improve Domain Authority in just 25 Days” and you can see a clear heading and a clear benefit.

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Nowadays, People don’t like to read the full page. Most of the peoples click on the page and scrolls down the page and exits the page. They, even don’t read the page. They just look at the page and exit, if they don’t find it interesting.

First of all, you have to make your offer clear to the users.  And also “put your Clear Offer to a visible area.” Like in Main Title, PopUps, etc.

#4. Try contrasting colors

The best landing pages I’ve ever seen have made great use of contrast in color and clarity. In this example, you can’t ignore the CTA button.

Even though the “Join Now” button reflects the star’s color in the left-side logo, it’s far more pronounced and clear. The textured black background makes the headline and CTA pop. Plus, there’s lots of negative space between the logo and the rest of the elements.

#5. Add CTA Button Above the Fold

Now what above the fold means ???

Basically above the fold is the area of your landing page, that comes first ( Like the front page of a newspaper, where all exciting and catchy stories placed), when a user visits your landing page.

You can also use a CTA button on above the fold in a landing page. As you can see in the image …

You can get 60% more sales by doing this !!!! So, keep in mind, Use CTA button Above the fold.

#6- Must Use a Feature List in a Landing Page


If a user scrolls down on your landing page, then simply it means that he wants to know more about your offer, service or anything else before buying or signing up.

So, you have to convince that user to sign up. You have tell them the main benefits of choosing our service or product or anything else.


You have to add a feature list on your landing page after Above the fold Area.

The exact list of features depends on what you’re giving away.

If the Squeeze Page is for a webinar, you might have a bulleted list of the top things someone will learn.

Or , If it’s a report, you should outline the strategies that you’ll cover.

If it’s an email newsletter, list out exactly what you’re going to send them.

#7- Must Add Social Proofs

Social proofs is a great technique to hook out the new users and convert them into your customers.


Social Proofs are best for boosting up Landing page optimization

Here you can see my post “Improve Domain Authority in 25 Days” that was read by 112K peoples, When I put this in my e-mail landing page.

Like other landing pages, Social proofs can boost your your squeeze page conversion rate.

Or ….

You can also use Testimonials on your landing page. It also gives a great impression on new users. Testimonials show happy customers. This also a great option for landing page optimization.

#8- Add Second CTA Button —- ( Learn Where and Why? )


I recommend You to adding a second CTA button at the very bottom of your page.

What is a Landing Page
Credits: Backlinko


Because, as your users ends up their scrolling, They can directly see a CTA button ( Suppose a Sign Up Form Button).

So, your users can directly sign up your form instead of scrolling up. ( Note both CTA buttons should be same)

#9- Use Some Fresh Templates — (Top Examples and best for practice templates for Landing Pages)

Guys, Use these some amazing templates, That’s I separated category Wise ….

examples of landing Page

A perfect writing structure for sales page:

Perfect STructure for a landing page
Credit : backlinko

So, That’s it Guys, By using all these techniques, You can do Landing Page Optimization for sales in a professional way.

Hope you’ll like our today’s article “Landing Page Optimization guide 2.0“. And you will learn properly “How you can do Landing Page optimization for sales.

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