Interesting Facts about Apple |**Unknown facts about Apple*

Interesting facts about apple

Interesting Facts about Apple : we all are know about Apple company. Now a days Apple is the most popular company in the world. Most of the peoples loves apple products like Iphone, Ipad, macbook , Apple watch etc.

This company spreads in all over the world. It provides high level jobs to employees from all over the world. This company is knowingly about it’s perfectness in it’s products. Now this company becomes most famous and valuable company in the world.

Interesting facts about apple.

I also loves apple products so much. Because the perfectness that the company provides in it’s products, No other companies provides that. I have tried android phones, Smart watches and windows laptops.

But, when I tried iphone, ipad , apple watch, Then I understands that why apple is so expensive. Because it provides smoothness and most important best user experience. That’s why I loves apple too much.

As you know the iphones are too expensive. but the best quality of iphones are that, they do not slows down over the time like android. Old iphones are still running in the best conditions and still the best choice some of among the newly launched android phones.

So, today I will tell you the most interesting facts about apple. That you don’t know and you will be shocked after knowing that.

Top Interesting facts about Apple

#Apple is worth…..

Guys, you will shocked after knowing about that. Apple is worth 2 Facebooks, 7 Netflix, 42 Twitter. Shocked!! Now you can imagine that how much Apple company big.

Apple brings a shocking and great growth rate in their business. They took the share market with awesome growth rate.

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#First company of $1 trillion valuation

In 2018 apple becomes the most famous, Because it reaches $ 1 trillion market value. It shocks the whole market with insane growth rate. Apple becomes the first ever company who crosses $ 1 trillion valuation.

#First company that crosses $ 2 trillion valuation

Yes Guys, In Aug 2018 Apple becomes first $ 1 trillion valuation company. Then the next shocking thing is that, in just 2 years it crosses $ 2 trillion.!!!!!! Really Shocking.

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In August 19 -2020 , Apple just doubled their valuation and reached $ 2 trillion market value. It becomes the first company who crosses $ 2 trillion. Apple just gained a high level growth rate.

#Apple almost bankrupted in 1997

Did you know that? The company who is now becomes the most valuable company in the world. That was just on the verge of bankruptacy in 1997, when it’s stock traded below $1.

But now the apple becomes most famous and valuable company. Really shocking for me.

#Smoking will voids the Warranty of Apple

Smoking kills

Guys , you will voids the warranty of apple computer, if you are smoking while using it. This is apple’s policy. So , be careful while using the apple computers.

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So, no smoking while using apple computers. Because it voids warranty.

#Apple was the first company, who makes a digital color camera

iphone 10r

Did you know that? Apple makes first digital color camera. It was the first company who makes it. It is also an amazing & interesting fact about apple.

# Apple is largest traded company in USA.


Now Apple is becomes most traded company in the US. That’s why Apple becomes so valuable company.

#Apple name found

ipad 2020 ( interesting facts about apple

There are so much confusion in the name of Apple. Peoples confused that why steve named his company apple. So Guys, there is nothing else. Steve just like the apple fruits so much, that’s why he named his company apple.

So, there is no rocket science behind the name of apple. Steve just likes apple and he named the company.

#Celebrities Favorite company

Apple products( interesting facts about apple)

Most of the celebrities used apple phones and other apple products. That’ why it is celebrities favorite phone company. You see that most of the celebrities have iphones. So, iphone is most used by the celebs.

Also Iphone provides best security and privacy. This also cause that celebrities uses iphone.

So all these are the some interesting facts about apple. Now you knew better about apple. If you are a apple lover then you will definite loves these facts.

Why people consider apple more than android?

Why peoples consider apple( interesting facts about apple)

Most of the people consider apple instead of android. Because apple provides perfectness and smoothness in their products. They also focuses on the best user experience and on the User’s privacy. Which is very important for a person or user.

Apple provides best quality products. It may be very expensive but it gives so much satisfaction to the users. That’s why most of the people considers apple instead of android.

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