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how to write a review article

Guys, Did you know how many peoples are earning thousands of dollar every month just by writing review articles. Review articles are the best way to generate millions of traffic and earns thousands of dollars every month. But for “writing perfect review article that generates traffic or lead sales” we need to know “How to write a review article” or right techniques.

Because most of peoples will thinks that this is a very very easy task to write a review article. Just write some features of the product and publish that one and share and you will earn money. But wait… That’s not true. Because many peoples tries the same method and they failed. After that they left , because they failed in generating traffic and sales by the review article.

They fails because they don’t know the right strategy and technique for writing the review article. So, in this article I’ll tell you the right technique and strategies for writing a prefect review article. That can generate millions of traffic every month in your website.

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So, let’s start our main topic “How to Write a Review article”. So, first of all you’ll need to know ‘What is a Review article”.

What is a Review Article ?

If you don’t know guys that “What is a review article”. Then let me tell you about that. Actually guys, if you use internet, then you must see the review articles. We can read that articles on Google by typing any product and after the name of product just type review. Or just by comparing two products or searching any product under a certain price.

Like : If I am looking  for a camera, Then I can type Sony camera review , Best cameras under $200 or top 10 Cameras.

In a review article , we writes about any product , their use , their performance , Actually usable or not or many another things , That I have written forward the article. Like if someone looking for “Best cameras under $200“, then I will write a list of that cameras , their best features, their bad things, their actual real life performance etc.

Why Peoples write Review Articles ?

There are large demand of a review articles on internet. Because if any peoples wants to buy a product, Most of the peoples will do a Google search about that product. They will read the features and disadvantage of that product.

why peoples write review articles

If any visitor like that product , then they might buy that product from your website’s affiliate link for that product. So, there are high chances of buying that product by the user. In the next section I have told that “ How to earn money with Review Article”. So you can read that one.

Thus you can generate millions of traffic on your article, Generate thousands of sales and also earns with Google adsense.

How Peoples Earn Money by Writing Review Articles

Because of high demand on the internet, You can generate millions of visitors on your article. Most of the bloggers earns money by

  • Affiliate marketing : Most Popular affiliate Program is Amazon Affiliate.
  • Google Adsense : Earns by displaying Ads

Affiliate Marketing : There are lots of affiliate program available on internet like : Amazon Affiliate program , Bluehost , Clickbanks etc…. But Amazon Affiliate Program is the most popular affiliate program. In this program you’ll Write a article or review on any amazon product. If some one buys that product from your affiliate link then you will get commission for that.

Google Adsense : Google Adsense is also a very popular way to earn money from your website. You can search more about Google Adsense on internet or youtube.

Basically Adsense runs ads on your website and you’ll earn money for that ads.

How to Write a Review Article in a Proper Way

There I have written points by pints to describe better “ How to write a review article”.  First of all you have to write a proper Intro almost around of 120- 150 words.

1.)   Intro :

Intro is the most important part of an article. You can easily impress your audience with an amazing Intro. Your Intro should be around 120 to 150 words. If your Intro is good and wealthy then it is easy for get ranked in google.

In the Intro, You can tell your audience some little bit about the articles , article names . Like which product are you going to review today. You can write some short key features of product etc.

It will encourage the peoples to read about that product. If your article’s Intro length is between 120 to 150 words then it will make it easy to rank your article in google search.

2.) Main Review Section :

Now this is the main part of your article. Here you’ll write review about that product. So, here is how you can write review on the product. Like if I am writing an article on “Best Cameras under $200” Then I will make a list of at least 10 cameras that is under $200.

Then I will make different sections for every camera on post. Like first section is of any Sony’s camera , second section is of Canon’s Camera  and so on. Total I will make 10 sections on the post for every Camera.

In this section, you can tell your audience about product. Their best features, How do you feel about that product. Write Key features of that product. Key features should be written in a manner that they will be easily visible to your audience. Like this One…….

Make sure that every visitor must see that key features. So, you have to write key features in a special manner.

Every section must be contain 150 -200 words.

3.)   Must Include Both Pros & Cons :

You must include both Pros and cons in the review section. Most of the beginners not include Cons in the Review articles. Thus they failed to generate any sale. Because if you are writing only features and telling the people that it is a perfect product, Then audience will thinks that this is a fake review. Then 80 to 90% people don’t buys that product.

pros and cons

It sounds like you are just wants to sell that product , Because not any product is perfect. Audience wants true reviews. You have to tell the benefits of products as well as Disadvantage. Because peoples also wants to know the disadvantages, Because they don’t want to compromise things.

You can also tell your audience that in this product this feature is missing, If you wants this feature, then you can buy this one. This method will increase your audinece’s trust on you and also generates more sales.

4.)   Read the Product’s Review Comments in Amazon:

If you are writing a review on any product that is from Amazon. Then just go to the amazon and search about that product. Then starts reading that product’s Review comments. From there you’ll get most valuable information. There peoples who  actually bought that products, gives their suggestions , problems in the product , best things in that product.

That valuable information is very important for us and you can include that information in your review article.

5.)   Provide a Buying Guide :

Must Include a buying Guide at the end of your article. You can tell your audience which product is actually best for you. Like if the article was top 10 Cameras under $200. Then I will write that “If You are a Youtuber and wants to buy a camera for youtube videos then you can buy this one“. “If you are a student then you can buy this one“. So there are unlimited examples of this topic.

So, just provide a Buying guide at the end of your article. It helps your audience and it generates thousands of sales through your affiliate link.

Buying guide should be around 700 to 900 words.

6.)   Content Length :

Generally in review articles, content length is really matters for ranking on Google. You have to write an article which contains minimum 2000 words. Generally review articles is about 2500 to 4000 words.

So, for getting ranked on Google, your article must include 2000+ words.

Conclusion (How to Write Review Articles)

Guys, if you follow all these tips and steps, then you’ll guaranteed drive millions of traffic on your article and earn thousands of dollar every month. Did you know ? An average blogger in India earns $200 to $400 every month from affiliate marketing.

So, are you ready for earning ? Hope this article will help you a lot, if you have any question and wants to ask any question, Then you can just email me on [email protected] or…Enter your e-mail and name for getting such kind of posts on your e-mail.


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