How to Update Pubg | PUBG update Metro Royal

how to update pubg

How to Update PUBG : Hey Guys, as you know that Pubg mobile is recently banned by the Indian government, But still PUBG is running on the mobile phones, Who had downloaded it. Many websites are available on the internet that is providing PUBG mobile update.

But recently Pubg launched his new version “PUBG Metro Royal.” So, the Indian users are facing many problems while updating. So, in this article I will tell you from where you can Update the pubg game. But I strictly didn’t recommend you to update.

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Because Indian Government had banned that game. But recently news are coming from the resources that Pubg is coming in India again. Which is quite better.

So, The new update of this game is amazing. There are many new features comes in this game. There are many websites there the new pubg metro royal is available to download.

After Pubg announces that the game comes in India again. The Indian users seemed to be very excited after this news. But still the pubg is not available on google play store or ios store. But pubg launched his new version. So now the question is that “How to Update Pubg”

New Features Of PUBG Metro Royal

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Pubg metro royal comes with many new features that will improve your gameplay. Now the game becomes so exciting and adventurous.

  • Metro Rail : Now the creators put metro trains in this update. Now our player can take Metro train to go one station to another city train station.
  • New weapons : You can see many new Guns or another weapons in this new update.
  • New Attachments : Now you can see the thermal sight, night vision helmet etc. are added to this update
  • Black market : Now you can sell your weapons or items picked from the map in the black market that is added in this update.
  • Many other features are added to this update.

How to update PUBG | After ban

Guys I am strictly recommend you to wait for it to coming in India again. Because Indian Government still banned this game. But the news are coming from the resources that “Pubg is coming in India again”

But if you still want to know, I can tell you the steps to update.

  • First of all download the latest Pubg Mobile Metro Royal from the internet. Because there are many websites on the internet, that are providing the download link.
  • That APK will be of 613 MB. Download that.
  • Then Install that APK on your mobile
  • Click on “Allow install from Unknown sources.”
  • Then your game will begun installing.
  • After installation of game, just launch it and this game will completely install itself.
  • It will download remaining files and then you can enjoy your game.

When will the game available in India

how to update pubg

As you know guys, Pubg is still banned in India. But the rumors are that ” Pubg finished his work for launching in India again.” Pubg made his a special newer version for India. That will be definitely different from other countries. Indian Version of PUBG comes with many new other features and with the policies of India.

The Indian gamers are eagerly waiting for the Indian version of this game. The rumors tells us that PUBG mobile India will slightly late. Rumors are that Indian government still not given the permission to Pubg corporation. Some rumors are that PUBG will come on the new year. Pubg planned to come back on the new year. So, these are some of the rumors.

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So let’s see when will the Pubg available in India. We will waiting for it. Thanks for reading our article.

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