How to Structure a Blog Post? Brilliant Bloggers Techniques

How to structure a blog post

It is very hard- but not impossible, to rank a blog post on top search results on Google for a new blog website. But… Did you know? You can do that, just by choosing the right Blog-post structure for your website. But also with the consistency of post publishing.

Effects of choosing a right blog post structure:

Today I’m going to show you how to Structure a blog post that gets:

  • Higher Rankings.
  • User friendly + Easy to Read.
  • And first page Google rankings.
  • PCWS Blog Writing Strategy

Let’s dive right in.

Did you Know?

post engagement of weel strured post article

A well-planned and structured blog post could go viral and can drive thousand’s of traffic to your blog.

Because well-planned blog posts can drive traffic from referral and Organic Google search traffic. Google prioritizes those blogs, that are well structured and well planned.

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In fact: Google ranks these kinds of blog posts faster than an unusual structured post.


We will discuss the anatomy of blog posts and the structure that most successful bloggers use.

Like Neil Patel, Brian Clark, Guy Kawasaki, Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, Shradha Sharma, or many other successful bloggers.

Use PCWS Technique  for Writing a Perfect Article:

What is PCWS?

PCWS stands for ( Perfect Content Writing Structure). Usually, I call it PCWS,  and this technique is used by India’s famous and successful blogger “Neil Patel”


This is Neil Patel’s writing strategy. Neil Patel uses this technique to write his blog articles. I’m sharing a picture of this structure…

blog post writing structure (PCWS strategy)

So, in this picture, you can see a chain of Neil Patel’s blog post writing structure. Basically, I call this strategy PCWS( Perfect Content Writing Structure). Because I think this structure is perfect for a blog post.

Did you know?

Neil Patel’s website generates “262,169 Search Traffic every month. And he uses this structure for his content writing.

So, why he uses this technique? Because he knows the right strategy and knows what audiences read first in his post.

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When I started implementing this structure in my blog posts, I saw a massive change in my blog’s traffic and Ranking.

Also, it increases my website’s engagement time.

So, firstly let me explain this structure of a blog post…

Full PCWS Structure Explanation:

PCWS strategy for blog writing
  • Awesome & Compelling  Headlines:

Your headline is very often, the first thing people will see in your article. It should interesting enough to make people want to read the rest of the story.

Don’t be boring. I suggest you create a more compelling Headline. You can read our post Compelling headlines if you want a proper guide to writing compelling Headlines.

  • Catchy Picture:

A picture in a blog is a good way to break up a mass of text. It becomes more important in today’s blogging. Because most of the peoples click on your post after seeing your post’s featured image.

Most of the peoples hate reading and reading. So, it will be better to use more images and Infographics in your article.

According to Statista :

Photos and Illustrations are used by 69% of marketers because peoples love attractive images and they click on images. So, images are a very important part of an article.

  • Introduction:

Your Introduction is another best chance to hook up your readers. In the Introduction, You have to tell people why they should stay on your blog and read it.

Don’t over-write Intro, a punchy intro is more effective.

  • Lead In:

If you are doing a list-style Blog post, then you can use the lead-in method. Like you can write “The main points are:” Rather than just putting a bullet list directly.

  • Your Main Points:

Write your main content or main points after lead-in. Here you’ll write all the main points and main content of your blog post.

  • Conclusion:

A blog post article isn’t a college essay. You should write a closing paragraph to your blog post.

It also looks attractive but also signs that you are a professional content writer. A closing paragraph wraps up your post and doesn’t leave readers hanging.

  • Invitation:

The comments section of your blog is a great way to interact with your audience and keep your readers trust. You can just add a line at the end of your blog “ What you think? Does it works?”

It is called invitation for feedback, because you are inviting them to give a feedback.


Conclusion for blog writing structure

So, this is the blog post structure that I want to share with you all. You can start using this structure right now.

But…Before implementing this structure, I just wants to tell you that:

This technique can rank your blog posts easily in just a month, if your blog is new and fresh.

And you have just started your blog website. Just you have to start writing blog posts with this structure. But also some conditions applied like:

Definitely your blog will rank in just 30 days. Just start implementing these things. This structure of blog post will increase the speed of your blog posts ranking

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In case, if you have already a blogging website, Then you can also start implementing this structuring technique on your blog post.

It may take some time, but your blog will also take a massive change on Google searches or also on user experience.

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Hope Guys, you will like our today’s article. Don’t forget to share this article with your team and friends.

Also if you have some suggestions about this article, then let me know in the comments sections.


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