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Hey, Guys did you know about blogging? In my case, blogging is a platform where I can fulfill my passion.

Trust me blogging changed my whole life. Create a blog was the best decision in my life.

If you also want to start a blog and fulfill your passion, then this article will tell you with the proper guide  “How To Start Blogging For Beginners.

Guys, guidance is also very important, Because when I started blogging then no one to guide me, that was why I started many blogs but all the blogs were failed.

This is my 8th Blog which is running well. I learn from my mistakes and it took me at least 2 and a half years for creating a good blogging website.

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So,  guidance is important, By this guidance, you can make a profitable blog easily. Today I will tell you how to start blogging for beginners with my all experiences. So, let’s start our main article topic.

What’s your blog about & niche ?

Guys, this is the most important part of starting a blog. You’ll have to choose the right and perfect niche according to your passion.

Like if you like to spend more time on cooking, traveling, tech, etc. Then you can make a  blog about traveling, cooking, tech, etc.

What is Blog Niche? (first step of how to start blogging for beginners)

In my case, I like the most tech, online marketing, SEO, programming, blogging.

Most of the content is related to tech and I have created a company name weboking. So I have chosen a niche of tech.

How to Setup a Blog and Start Blogging ?

Guys, you can create your own blog within 15 minutes. Just follow my all steps.

Requirements for starting a blog :

  • Better Domain Name  ( do not purchase too low quality domain names )
  • Hosting   ( Best & Cheap Fast Hosting for beginners from Hostinger Or Bluehost )
  • Passion for becoming a blogger

Register a Domain  Name for your site :

How to register domain name and hosting ( blogging guide for beginners)

What is domain name ?

 Basically it is an address of your like my site’s domain name is Your website will rank on Google on your domain name.

So, if possible try to choose a domain name that has more search volume or related to your niche. It will help you to rank in Google easily.

So, check out how to register or buy a  domain name. I will recommend you to choose a domain name from Hostinger.

because it provides premium domain names at cheap rates and this is the best site where you can get the quality domain names.

  1. first of all you have to sign up for hostinger account.
  2. After sign up just login to your hostinger account. Then just click on domain names
  3. Then click on Get a new domain
  4. Now enter domain name that you wants like “weboking, techhacks etc.”
  5. Then various domain names will comes like ,, etc.
  6. Now select one of them that you wants for your site  and click on add to cart Like I am choosing .
  7. After that just click on “ Continue to cart .”
  8. Then you will see here your billing option and domain name cost for 1 year. I will recommend you to choose 1 year for domain name. Do not choose more than 1 year.
  9. Like I have chosen for 1 year and total cost is Rs. 527.
  10.  Then just click on checkout and pay from where you wants like Paytm, Google pay , UPI , from your card etc. Various payment options are available here.
  11. After successful payment just click on Go to dashboard and here you can see your domain name.

You have successfully purchased a domain name for your site.

Buy + Setup Your Hosting :

Now You have to buy a hosting. As you are a beginner , I don’t recommend you to buy professional and business hosting plans.

Because in the beginning , Your blog doesn’t have so much web traffic. you can just buy a starter plan because it’s cost is low + It’s speed is amazing if users and web traffic is lower than 10000 per month.

In the beginning it is hard to gain 10000 web traffic. So I recommend you to buy a starter plan and after your site grown and website traffic increases you can update your hosting at anytime to business and professional plans.

**Recommended web hosting providers ( Best for beginners)**

So, check out how to buy and setup Hosting.

  1. First of all sign up in or any other web hosting provider website like bluehost.
  2. Then click on Store and then click on Hosting.
  3. Now click on shared hosting. ( Best hosting if you are a beginner , If you wants professional then you can go for cloud hosting)
Blogging guide for beginners
  1. Then click on Single Hosting and choose a plan of 1 Year ( You can upgrade whenever you wants )
  2. Then click on checkout and pay from any online paying service like Paytm, Google Pay, From Card ,UPI , Paypal etc. It provides various buying options.
  3. After that You’ll redirects to your Hostinger dashboard. Here you will see your hosting . Click on it.
  4. Now you have to setup your hosting with your domain name.
  5. Here You can see the full setup video of Domain name + Hosting .

–> Watch the full setup video from Youtube…..

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               Now your domain name hosting is successfully setup.

Hey Guys, Now install wordpress  on your on your domain name . It is very simple to install the wordpress. Just follow my all steps.

  1. Go to your hosting and click on Manage .
  2. The scroll down and find Auto Installer and click on it.
  3. Now you can see here wordpress and select wordpress.
  4. Now select your domain name and then just fill some basic details like your website name and description then scroll down and click on install.
  5. In just few seconds wordpress will be installed on your website.
  6. Now Two Links will be given there , Just click on second one and you will be redirected to your wordpress dashboard.

From here you will manage your whole website. You can publish posts, pages from here and customize whole website.

Customize Your Websites Look :

Guys, now you have to customize your website’s look , like your website’s logo, Name , Description Etc. You can easily learn “how to customize wordpress website” from 1000s of videos available on youtube.

Customize website...( Blogging Guide )

You can easily change theme of your website.

  • Just go to appearance and choose themes.
  • Then just go to new themes
  • Then you can choose your favourite theme from theme search.
  • Click on install, after installation , just click on activate.
  • Your theme will be activated on your website.

So, go and watch some videos about customization of wordpress website on youtube.

Here I will just tell you how to rank your website on Google searches , how to write SEO optimized post articles, What are the necessary things in the beginning of blogging.

So, Hope you will customize your website at your own by watching some videos on you tube. Customizing site is really very simple, So, I do not waste time on that. Just I will tell you the main things.

Write and Publish at least Four Pages of these categories :

Most important pages( How to start blogging for beginners)

Guys, first of all you have to write different majorly 4 types of Pages for your website :

  • About Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy

So, Guys you have to write all these four types of pages for your website. Because, if you publish all these four types of pages on your website.

Then it indicates that your website is a genuine website and also it helps to rank your site in google.

Because all of these pages are most important pages for any website. If you miss that pages , then Google will never rank your website. So, this is an important and first step for any blogger.

Again you can watch thousand’s of videos on youtube regarding these pages. You can search “ How to create Disclaimer page for website “ on youtube, and thousand’s of videos will come on your screen.

Again , I am telling you that I just writing all important beginning steps for any blogger that will helps you to rank and becoming a successful blogger.

In Beginning Write at least 3 Articles/Day for 7 Days :

Guys, google ranks those websites faster , that updates daily and have good amount of content on website.

So, in the beginning you have to write 3 articles/ Day . This will increases the chances of your website to rank in google. So, do this continuously for 7 days.

It will give an impact on google bots, who crawles your website for ranking.  Your website will be noticed by Google.

After 7 Days , you can write 4 articles/ day if you wants, otherwise 3 articles/ day . Then almost after a month just start writing at least 4 articles a day.

By this method your website will increase so fast and google will rank your website easily.

Share Your Articles on Social Media

After writing every article just share your article on social media like Facebook, Instagram , Whatsapp , Telegram, Reddit etc, Just on everywhere..

It will help you most in the beginning. Because in the beginning there is o users on your site. So, you can bring your audience or users from social media.

It also helps to get better ranking on Google. Guys just follow this guide “How to start Blogging for Beginners.”

You will definitely achieve large amount of users and audience on your blog or website.

Add Share Buttons on Your Articles

This is the next important part of our guide “How to start Blogging for  Beginners.”  Guys just add social media share buttons on your every article.

Because if your articles are good and users wants to share then there will be an option for them. It will helps you to viral your website or content.

How to add social media share buttons on your every article with single click :

  • Go to your wordpress dashboard and click on plugins > Add New .
  • Then search for Jetpack and click on Install Button.
  • Now click on Activate, and now your plugin is activated.
  • Then Click on Jetpack from Left bar and then on Settings.
  • Now click on Sharing Option and Configure and enable all the options.

Now Sharing buttons will occur on your every article.

Setup Google Analytics :

Now you have to setup your Google analytics with your website. If you don’t  know how to setup Google analytics, then you can search about this on youtube.

There you can watch “ How to setup google analytics with your website

The main benefit of linking google analytics is that you can analyse your audience. Like how many users are coming at your website. Which category peoples are coming etc.

We will make a special dedicated article on google analytics  , that is coming soon on this site .

 So go and setup your google analytic with your website.You can search on youtube “ How to setup Google analytic with your site.

Setup Google search Console and Bing search Console :

Now you have to setup Google search console and Bing search console. This is also an important part of blogging for tracking your blog.

You can check all errors and also your website’s performance on search engines.

Like on which keyword your website is ranking and you can check your website’s speed.

Note : Check all these things after 15 days…

  • Check your website’s errors and resolve all the errors.
  • Check your website’s speed. ( If you wants to increase your website’s speed, then Click here to read our article “Speed up your Website with these settings.
  • Don’t check your website’s keyword ranking ( Because your website must need at least 30 days for get ranking on any keyword .)

Write Quality Content According Your Audiences or Users Interest.

Guys, Just Keep providing quality content to your audiences. As long as you provides quality content to your audiences ,

They will support you and you can gain your audience’s trust. You can see in google analytics that which of your post gains most users.

It means your audience loves most that type of article. Then you can start writing your next article , similar to that one.

This is the right strategy for providing best quality content to your website. So Guys, this is the last part of our today’s Guide “How to start Blogging for Beginners”

Conclusion :

Guys, You can easily gain millions of traffic and becomes a successful blogger if you follow our guide. This guide “How to start Blogging for Beginners ” will help you to start a good start up in blogging.

How to Start Blogging for Beginners guide is the best guide ever if you are a beginner in blogging and don’t know that much things. It will definitely help you to have a better startup in blogging .

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So, follow us and subscribe us through e-mail, because our next Article “Blogging Beginners to  Professional Blogger Guide” is coming on our this website.

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