How to Make an Automated News Website- Full Guide+Tutorial Video

how to make a news website

News website is the best and most profitable niche in blogging. Why? Because people love to read news articles. News websites Get thousands of real-time web traffic, That’s why news website is the most profitable niche in blogging. You can earn thousands of dollars with AdSense or affiliate marketing.

Requirements for creating an automated News Website:

  • Hosting + Domain Name ( Recommended Hosting Providers Hostinger & Bluehost)
  • WordPress must be Installed
  • WP-Automatic Plugin ( Download Link is given below the article)


News websites need Hosting which can be easily processed over 200 real-time users. I recommend you, If you are a beginner then you can buy a starter pack of Hostinger or Bluehost. Because it can easily process anything and afford to have 200 real-time users.

Look :

Guys, do you also want to create a news website. but worry about the news, From where you get the news. So, let’s imagine that you get 30 News per day… But when will you write that news in an article and publish it. It is very very difficult to run a news website without a complete team.

Now make fully Automated News website :

But in this article or video, I have told you, How you can create a news website with automation. It means, no need to worry about the news article or writing the article. All the things will be automatic and you don’t need any team for that.

Watch the full video without skipping. Because every second of this video is very very important. Set all the setting carefully. If you misses any of the setting then it can be your loss. so watch the full video carefully…

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