How To Make a Twitter Bot Without Coding |Full Guide

How to make a twitter bot free without Coding

How To Make a Twitter Bot: Hey Guys! As you know  Twitter is the fastest growing social networking website. It has some interesting features that no one other platform is providing. These features make it completely different from other social networking websites.

One of the interesting features is Twitter bots. It actually a Bot, who helps you to work for yourself, even you are offline. So, today I’ll teach you how you can create a free Twitter bot without coding.

What this free twitter bot can do for you ?

Guys, this is the best free Twitter bot ever, Because almost it can do all the things that a human can do on Twitter. Like It can check Grammar, Follow Users, Retweet, Favourite, Tweet, even it can DM, which is really cool.

Create a professional twitter bot

You can also ask from these bots and they will respond to you like Google Assistant or Siri or any other AI. But you have to ask in a proper manner! Otherwise, they didn’t respond to your voice. You can also set auto-reply or auto-favorite tweets. They can automatically favorite tweets or also retweets if certain criteria matched.

The amazing thing is that you don’t need any required coding skills. You can easily create it without coding and it is completely free. You can use this Twitter bot for free.

You just have to define criteria, then bots will follow all your commands. You can set auto-reply if anyone follows you or it can even send a DM to that person. Which is really cool without coding.

This is the best free Twitter bot that I have ever seen. So, now we can go forward on our next topic “How to create your own Twitter bot Free”.

How to Create Your Own Free Twitter Bot

The working of these bots is really simple, You have to just specify some keywords and choose your actions. The all the bots will find all the tweets related to keywords and perform your specified actions. So, it’s so simple to create these bots. Do not require any coding skills. Just follow all my steps.

  • Create a new Twitter Account :

First of all, you have to create a new account that you want to make a Bot account. If you already have an account that you want to make a bot, Then just log in to that one. Make sure this account will work as a Bot.

  • Then go to :

Now you have to go to URL. After that just sign in with your account and click on create a Twitter application. Then just give the app name and proper description and also give your website’s URL. Then agree with terms and conditions and submit the form.

  • Change the Permissions :

Now, your bot application is ready to work. But by default, It has permissions only for read and writes. It means your bot can only read tweets or write tweets, but can’t send DM to anyone. So for that, you have to change the application permissions.

                      Click on ‘Modify App Permission’ and change the permissions to Read, Write and Access Direct Messages.

  • Create Twitter Keys and Access Tokens:

Now, you need Keys and access tokens for configuring Twitter Bots. Just click on Create My Access Token. Then Twitter will generate keys and tokens.

How to Configure Twitter Bot for Working ?

  • Open and Twitter Bots app will Open.
  • Enter the Keys and Access Tokens which we created.
  • Now enter some specific Keyword or some task that you want.

Now your twitter Bot is ready to work and your account becomes a Bot.

Configure DM Service on your bot

  • Click on the Twitter search box and enter your username.
  • Then choose actions and select DM Followers.
  • Write your message that you want to send your new followers.
  • Then click on Save.

That’s it, now your account becomes completely a bot, without any coding any money spending. Did you know? You can make your Twitter Account Private like Instagram. Wants know how?

So,  hope today, you’ll learn how to create a free Twitter bot without any coding with professional features.

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