How to Increase the Website Speed of WordPress Site| 9 Proven Ways

How to increase website speed in wordpress

How to increase the website speed in WordPress ?” is the most asked question from new bloggers. When I start blogging, I also asked this question from the internet !!

Did you know?

Pageload speed is also a ranking factor in Google since 2018,

effect of website's page speed

And The effect of every 1 second delay in your website’s page load time :

  • Your website will see 11% fewer page views.
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.
  • You will see a 7% loss in conversions.

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I also have a WordPress website. In the initial days, I also don’t know how to optimize website speed. Even in initial days, I don’t think that the website speed really matters. But… actually, it really matters.

Website speed is very important in the modern world where all of us are in a hurry and want everything to be done as quickly as possible.

Did you know?

In a survey,

  • 47% peoples expect to load a website in just 2 seconds.
  • And 40% peoples shut pages that take more than 3 seconds.

So, it means if your website takes more than 3 or 4 seconds to load then you lose your conversions, web traffic, customer satisfaction, etc.

Why you Should Care about Websites Page Speed in 2021 !!!

you should care about your website’s speed. Because now Google really cares about the website’s speed before giving rankings to a website.

Search engines also began to take site speed into account for program optimization, and now it is an important link-building factor.

That’s why it’s very important to improve your WordPress website speed. You should do everything possible to make your website loading faster.

In a survey,

79 % peoples said that they would not come again a website, which has poor performance. So, we can see that website speed is also an important factor for customer satisfaction.

why you should care about website page load speed

So, what we learned from this?

We learned that website’s Page-load speed really matters for Google, Customers &  Audiences. As of 2018, Google has announced that website speed will be a ranking factor for search results.

If you want to see your search engine rankings increase, you’ll need to work on your site speed.

Which is Perfect Website Speed for Mobile Users ?

Guys nowadays, most of the website traffic comes from mobile. And Google is very very serious for mobile users.

That’s why Google launches AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). It means now Google is very serious about website speed and especially for mobile users.

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As told you earlier that 40% of peoples left the website that takes more than 3 seconds. And I personally experienced this thing also.

So, according to me, the perfect page speed is about 2.5 Seconds. It is also good to have a page speed of 3 seconds.

But I think 2.5 seconds is best for website ranking and also for User satisfaction.

How to check Your website’s Page-Load speed?

  • Go to Google Search> Type “Google Page speed checker.”
google page speed checker
  • Then click on – The first URL comes
  • Now you can type your website domain name or URL in the box and click on “Analyze.”
how to checker website page speed
  • Now you can see your website’s page speed here…
page speed of a website

How to optimize & Increase Website Speed in WordPress ?

Actually, Google really cares about the website’s speed before giving rankings to a website.

So, after some time off blogging website started, I also started optimizing and learning about the optimization of the website.

Then after a long time, I really learned some techniques that really help me to increase my websites speed. As you can see in the image.

My website page speed


I learned these techniques in such a long time. But they worth it. And I will share these techniques with you in no time.

You don’t need to wait for a long time to learn some useful techniques. Just read my all techniques and use them. Then you can see your results.

Here are some Optimization techniques  and tips for WordPress website

Delete Your Unused Plugins :

clean Unusable files in database

Guys, sometimes we install a plugin for specific work on our website. But sometimes we don’t need that plugin anymore.

But we left that plugin installed on our website. Which uses your website’s database and runs on your website’s page without any need. It slows down your website effectively.

So, don’t forget to delete unused plugins form wordpress.

Remove plugins :

To remove unwanted themes, simply go to Appearance > Themes to delete the ones no longer in use.

Use Images less than 50 KB :

Use only compressed images

Guys, images are one of the heaviest parts of your website. If you don’t optimize images properly, then it effectively decreases your website’s Page-load speed.

Steps to optimize images in wordpress:

  • Image Size should be less than 60 KB
  • Use 640* 380 size images in wordpress
  • Always Upload Webp format Images to Speedup Loading time

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The size I recommend using on your WordPress site is 640*380. The size of the image is always less than 50KB for 640*380.

Image optimization explained ( how to increase website speed in wordpress)

CleanUp Media – Remove unwanted and high size Images

Over time you might start to accumulate images that are no longer used for your posts. To free up space, you should consider removing unused media from wordpress.

To remove unused media manually,  

You can use a plugin like Media Cleaner to dispose of unused media or you can do so manually. To manually remove unused media, simply go to Add Media -> Media Library -> Unattached and then delete those files no longer in use. 

CleanUp media

Minify CSS, HTML & Java Script

How to minify HTML, CSS and Javascript to Optiimize website speed

If you minify these 3 things, then you will see an effective change in your website’s page-load speed. But the problem is how to minify HTML, CSS & JavaScript?

Minify css, html and javascript

There are lots of Plugins available in the market for minifying HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Here are list of those plugins:

Trust me Guys, if you minify these things, your website speed will effectively increase in WordPress or any other platform…

This is a main method to increase website speed in wordpress.

Set Up Lazy Load for Images

Setup Image lazy load on website to optimize website speed in wordpress

Lazy Load is another option that is great for increasing your websites speed. Now what is lazy load?


We can use lazy load to load images on user’s interaction. Like images will load when users scroll down or do some activity.

It helps to load the website pages faster. Because we eliminate images, when users enter your website and when users scroll down or do any activity, the images will load.

It also an effective way to increase website page speed in WordPress or any other website. Now, how you can setup image lazy load. Again many plugins are available. But I personally uses :

Clean-Up DataBase :

How to do Database cleanup for increase the speed of wordpress website

For instance, post revisions can take up a huge chunk of unneeded space. If you have a post which is 100KB of data and there are five revisions of that post, the total space wasted is about 500KB.

Guys, imagine, that you have installed a new plugin and after some time you deletes. Then you installs a theme and after some times you deletes that theme also.

Guys, by doing this some memory lefts on your website’s database, even after deleting that plugin or theme.

This will surely helps to increase your website speed in wordpress.

So, your data base takes more time to take requests from your website. It slows down your website. You can delete that data and optimize data base through various plugins like :

Limit Comments per page:

Limit comments on single page top increase the website speed in wordpress

It can be also a good option for optimizing the web page. Because many users uses their photos or gravatar on comments.

Photos and images are responsible for website slow page loading. So, we can limit the comments per page.

By doing this you can also effectively increase your website speed in wordpress.

You can limit the number of comments that appears per page, simply go to Settings -> Discussion and check the “Break comments into pages” box. You can then select the number of comments per page (default is set to 50).

I suggest you to choose maximum 7 comments.

Choose Fast and LightSpeed Themes ( AMP Themes are also be great )

Guys don’t use heavy weight theme for your wordpress site. Always choose light weight, fast and tries to choose themes AMP friendly. I personally suggests to use these themes:

How I increases the Speed of my website ? ( My personal methods )

Like most visitors to this page you’re probably wondering how do I speed up my website? I have a WordPress site and it’s so slow! How can I make it faster?

So, here is the answer of ” How you can increase your website speed in wordpress ” Like me.

I also a WordPress user and, when I start blogging, my website’s speed was actually good. But I  was publishing articles day by day and the speed of my website continuously decreasing day by day.

At one time my website’s speed comes at the speed of 26 on mobile. Which was so bad.

And we can’t expect our website to rank on Google with the speed of 26 on mobile. As expected I didn’t get any rankings. But I searched a lot and learns everything about speed up a website.

It took a lot of time to learn the right techniques to speed up a website. But it completely worth it. With the use of those techniques and plugins, I successfully increase my website’s speed.

How to Increase a WordPress website speed from 26 to 95? ( Proven methods )

Website page load in just 2 seconds
  • First of all, use all the techniques that I mentioned above!!!
  • Now I am telling some names of plugins that I have used in my website for increasing the speed.

Plugins you should use:

A3 Lazy Load Plugin: Best plugin for lazy loading of your website’s images. Use this plugin to set up lazy load of images.

Asset CleanUp- Page Speed Booster: It is used for removing unwanted javascript or plugins use from any page or a specific page.

Swift Performance: Increases your website’s speed along with various features. It can automatically detect your website’s settings and set up your website automatically for high speed.

WP- Rocket: This is a paid plugin available for WordPress. It is also awesome for increasing website speed.

If your Website Speed doesn’t increase through these strategies and Plugins, then Use this !!!

Guys, If your website’s page speed doesn’t increase by following these plugins and strategies. Then it means your website’s hosting is too slow. Then you need to change your website’s hosting.

Upgrade hosting for increasing the speed of wordpress website

If you are a beginner and has less budget, then I will recommend :

  • Hostinger – Shared Hosting ( Fast and budget hosting)
  • Bluehost – Shared Hosting ( Fast and also in the budget, but slightly expensive than hostinger )

If you have a high budget and wants a rocket like website ( even at any load) :

  • Bluehost – Dedicated server (High Speed)


Guys, In this article, I have told you the best and most effective strategies + Plugins to speed up your WordPress website.

we all know guys that in 2021, ranking of a blog is very difficult. And one of the main reasons behind this is page load speed.

How to increase website speed in wordpress with our strategies

In 2021, there are two things, that we need to be master in.

If we have these two things, then it will make us easy to rank on Google in top searches. Pageload speed is also a ranking factor in Google since 2018.

So, it makes it more important to have fast page load speed.

You can increase your website speed from 26 to 95 ( if you follow our strategies and plugins that I have told) by reading our whole article.

Contents covered in this article:

  • How to increase website speed in wordpress
  • WordPress website speed increase in 2021
  • Increase wordpress site speed in 2021
  • Best plugins to increase your website speed in wordpress

Thanks, Guys, for reading our whole article “How to increase website speed in wordpress“. We hope that this article will be helpful for you. to receive such amazing articles in your e-mail, You can subscribe to our newsletter.

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