How to Download Freepik Premium Files for Free

how to download freepik images for free

How to Download Freepik Premium Files for Free: Hey guys, welcome to another new blog. In this blog, I will show you “How you can download premium images for absolutely free”.

We all know is the best website, providing stock images, vectors, etc. To the graphic designers.

But the only thing is that it is paid one. Any user can download free images maximum for 10 per day and can’t download premium images, or vectors.

So, it becomes very tough for new graphic designers or students who want to complete their projects with those premium images to buy the freepik who can’t afford it.

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So, I am also a student and I really understand this problem very well. So, that’s why, today I am here with a blog that will show you exactly “How to download freepik premium images, and vectors for free” step-by-step. 

How to download Freepik premium Files for free?

Freepik is an awesome website for graphic designers, developers, or students.

Freepik provides stock images, vectors, icons, photoshop works, etc. It is like a gift for every developer, designer, or student. But as I mentioned that it is paid, So to make it really a gift, Today I am sharing “my secret trick to download Freepik premium files for free.”

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to get Freepik premium files for free!


Step 1: Go to

how to download freepik premium files for free

Step 2: Now search and select your favorite premium image or any file that you want to download

Step 3: Now copy the above URL from the chrome tab.

copy URL form freepik to download premium files

Step 4: Then go to expertstools freepik fies downloader.

experts tool for freepik premium files download for free

Step 5: Now simply just paste your copied URL here.

Step 6: Now scroll down and click on download in HD.

download freepik image in full hd

Step 7: now right-click on it and save the image on your computer.

Bravo! You got a Freepik premium image for Absolutely free of cost.

There is also another way to get Freepik premium account and that way is through Freepik premium cookies.

If you want premium cookies then just simply go down and comment for it and also subscribe to our youtube channel for it. So when our youtube channel crosses 500 subscribers then I will definitely provide premium cookies.


This is the best and most free method to download premium files for free. And If you want to access premium with premium cookies. Then just comment down and subscribe to our youtube channel for it. Then I will definitely provide premium cookies.


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