Ethical Hacking Roadmap & Full Guide 2022 | Beginners Guide

Complete roadmap for ethical hacking and becomes a professional ethical hacker

You can follow this Ethical hacking roadmap for becoming an certified ethical hacker. in this article I have explained this road map and you will get a full Guide on ethical hacker/ Ethical Hacking.

How To Become an Ethical Hacker : Hey Guys, welcome to our site. Today I will tell you the full roadmap about ‘How to become an Ethical hacker.’ The above you can see the mini Roadmap. You can easily understand that one.

As you know guys, the demand of ethical hackers is increasing day by day in the market. So, It is nice choice for anyone to become an ethical hacker. Also the big companies pays very high amount of salary for ethical hackers. So, this career option is a nice choice.

And This video is uploaded by edureka! , where you can easily understand. What is ethical hacking, where to start, how to start, and a full roadmap.

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Quick Slide Show of Ethical Hacking /Hacker Roadmap:

Wants become a professional Hacker ? by Tech ‘O Path

Why You want to be an Ethical Hacker ?

Guys, If you want to be ethical hackers just for money, Because the salary of hackers is very large. Then sorry, this option is not for you. Because no doubt that hackers get high salary job. But hacking is not very easy. It is so difficult. no doubt, you can get high salary job, but the main thing is learning hacking.

So, If you want to be a hacker for your interest and you knew some thing about hacking. Then you can easily learn hacking. Because hacking is not easy as easy shown in movies. You have to work with your full dedication. Then you can become an ethical hacker.

Not learn hacking just for getting high salary job. Just learn with your interest. Then nobody can stop you to becoming an ethical hacker or getting high salary job.

Quick Introduction to hacking/ Hackers

An Ethical hacker is a computer expert. Who uses their technical skills to protect your site , computer , company etc. from cyber crime, hacking or malwares etc. Hacker can do that with his coding skills or knowledge.

A we all know that hackers are of three types :

  • White Hat Hacker/ Ethical Hacker
  • Black Hat Hacker
  • Grey Hat hacker

Black Hat hackers and Black hat Hackers are same. So, I am sharing picture with you. That you can understand the difference between these hackers.

what is an ethical hacker or black hat hacker

So, You can see that Ethical Hackers work legally. They work for companies, Government, Website owners, etc. On the other hand, Black Hat Hacker/ Grey Hat hackers work illegally like hacking someone’s phone, website, etc. without any permission. So, there is no scope for black hat hackers.

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Quick Start Up Guide for Everyone

startup guide to become an ethical hacker

So Guys, here is the quick startup guide for becoming an ethical hacker.You can see above in the picture. What you you need to learn before learning actual hacking.

  • Learn Linux + Increase your typing speed ( Typing speed is also a important factor)

  • Also Start gathering information from online about Computer servers, cyber attacking, vulnerability , Networks, Threats, Scripts, Malwares etc.

If you doesn’t know anything about hacking. Just do all the above steps. First of all Learning Linux is the most important for hacking. If you don’t know about Linux, Then the next article and also video is coming on this website. So, please subscribe our newsletter for getting notification about that.

Also the videos are coming on all above topics, that we have discussed above. You can check that on our youtube channel for video.

For getting our Roadmap on Become an Ethical Hacker. Fill the form, then you will get downloading link through email.

Best Programming languages for hacking at Present

After that, You have to learn coding, Without coding, you can’t do ethical hacking. Coding is the most important part of hacking. Did you know about Coding or programming languages?

If not Then Read it : What is programming languages | Which are the most important programming languages

Now I have made a list of most important Programming languages for hacking at present.

learn coding for becoming an ethical hacker


Coding Is essential for Hacking

best programming language for ethical hacking

So, here you can see the list of most used programming languages for hacking at present. If you are a beginner and you have facing problems while understanding coding.

Then you can learn python as your first programming language. Because it is simple and easy to learn. Also most growing and famous programming language.

But I personally recommend you to learn C/ C++, because this is the best language for hacking according to me.

Because most of the OS (like Windows, Linux, etc) and Games (Like PUBG, Call of Duty etc.) or many software are written in C/C++.

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You can control almost anything of the software and even the ram of devices with c++.

If you learn C/C++ as your first language then you can easily learn other languages. Your coding understanding power will increase.

So, according to me, you have to learn c++ as your first programming language. But here is your choice.

Also, learn all the above-discussed languages. Because these programming languages are best for hackers nowadays.

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Courses, Colleges, Fees | Online or offline which is better.

courses and fees for ethical hacking

Offline Ethical Hacking Learning:

Today many universities and colleges provides different kinds of ethical hacking courses all over the India. Like :

Here are the most famous ethical hacking providing universities –>

University Of Madras MSc in Cyber Forensics and Information Security
International Institute of Information Technology MTech in Computer Science and Information Security
SRM University
MTech in Information Security and Computer Forensic
Kalasalingam University
MTech in Information Assurance and Security

You can learn ethical hacking offline in these top universities. But there are another many universities and colleges who are providing Ethical Hacking Course.

Online Ethical Hacking Learning:

There are thousand of online courses available on the internet. Both paid and free courses are available. You can learn Ethical hacking For free also paid.

But paid courses are more benefitial, because there you learn the actual Ethical hacking. Whereas in free courses , there is limit of providing knowledge. Only concepts clear not providing coding or other things in free courses.

So, please choose the paid one if you are choosing online course. Because extra knowledge and time to time tests were taken in the paid hacking courses.

course details on ethical hacking

So, Our article already becomes very large. So, other things we will discuss in our next article. Please subscribe our youtube channel and newsletter. Then you can receive our next post’s notification on your phone.

Hope you will like our today’s article”How To Become an Ethical Hacker“. Thank you….

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