How to be a SEO Content Writer? High Paying Salary Job

How to become an SEO content writer

Did you know? – Flipkart pays 11-12 Lakhs per annum to their SEO content writer. Why?”

Most of the peoples don’t know? Nowadays the demand for SEO content writers is very high. Not only in freelancing but also infamous companies like Flipkart, Vedantu, Carrer360, etc.

Are you looking for a new career opportunity? Wondering how to become an SEO content writer and what it’s like? If so, you are in the right place! In today’s Digital Age, SEO is one of the hottest careers around – with annual salaries approaching six figures, you can’t afford to not read this post.

Did they get High Salary Paying Job ?

Did you know that SEO content writer earns $40,000 a year? If you have been looking for a career opportunity, then an SEO content writer can be a real rewarding option for you or anyone else. With so many career opportunities on offer in the SEO world. If you have the right skills ,then you are likely to find your fortune there.

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So, Yes a skilled SEO content writer earns like a Software engineer or other big jobs. He can also earn with freelancing. They can easily get work on freelancing websites like, Upwork, fiever, etc.

So, in this article I will tell you, that how you can become a SEO content writer.

How to become a SEO Content Writer? – Full Guide

First of all, let me make one thing clear – becoming an SEO content writer is not that easy. If you’re looking to become a freelance SEO writer, you’ll need to have decent to advanced writing skills so that you can work with client briefs, as well as write natural, ‘non-SEO’ copy that is engaging to the reader.

You’ll need to know how to find keywords and their trends, be able to understand what makes a good page or site for Google and be able to formulate the types of content that Google wants people reading on the web.


You don’t need to get a degree for becoming an SEO content writer. In this field, you will get your job totally on the basis of your skills. But if you have a similar type of course degree. Then it will increase your chance to get a high paying job.

Skills needed for becoming an SEO content writer:

  • Research skills: All best content pieces have one thing in common, in-depth research. You need to have the perseverance and dedication to conduct thorough research so that your blogs are well-substantiated and provide exhaustive information.
  • Basic understanding of content marketing: This is a given when it comes to content writing. A basic understanding of content marketing can help writers to understand the intent of content writing and helps them to get clarity. If you are from a different field of study then free online courses on sites such as Hubspot can help you clear your doubts.
  • Excellent communication skills:- First and foremost, you should have excellent grammar, spelling, and sentence formation. Not only is this the exact basis of good writing increases the confidence and lack of it decreases your probability.

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  • Understanding Your Reader:- The main point of content writing is to understand the readers. If you do not understand what readers like, then your writing will be worthless. Suppose, you will buy television and now you can go to a seller who understands you well and can give you all the information you need.

If another seller couldn’t understand what kind of television you would buy, would you go to that store? Of course not. The same is the case with content writing. You have to write according to what readers like. Otherwise, nobody will give you the value of your writing.

  • Showing Your Creativity:- All people have dormant talent. One can publish and many cannot. Only those who try again and again can achieve success. Creativity is something that not everyone can do.

 Content writers express their creativity through their writing. You will also be able to express your creativity. Creativity is needed to present a topic beautifully in front of everyone because everyone is worshiping beauty. Everyone loves nice things and if you write articles on your own creativity, readers will love to read it.

  • Strong SEO skills: Remember those Matryoshka or nested dolls from childhood? Where each doll had its own distinct identity and yet it formed a part of the outer doll which held them all? SEO is like that Matryoshka doll. Your content must have its own distinct voice and yet it should have the ability to be connected to a bigger narrative that is Google.

You should know Image SEO optimization, Contet SEO optimization

And no SEO is not about artificially inserting keywords. It is about creating rich, evocative content that links to the bigger story.

  • Providing and Researching for Quality Content :

You will have to Research and Provides quality content to the readers. This is the most  important skill for an SEO content writer

Most Asked Interview Questions for Getting a Job of SEO Content Writer :

According to Glassdoor:

  • They can give you any task of On-Page SEO or any Of-Page SEO.
  • They usually asks about your experience and content writing. The questioner can also ask your typing speed.
  • Some of the interviews they ask about “ How many words can you write in a day”
  • They can start asking about SEO, Like what is SEO?, What is the difference between On-page and Of-Page SEO?
  • They can ask you about Content development, E-mail marketing, Content Marketing.
  • They can also ask about your previous work done.

Where to Get Job of an SEO Content writer?

Guys You can take Job in high end companies also like:

  • Flipkart
  • Vedantu
  • Career360
  • ChromeInfotech, etc.

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These are the some famous companies, where you can take Job as an SEO content Wriiter. But the most favourite and famous way to earn as a SEO content writer is by doing freelancing.

By freelancing, You can do your work from home without any orders, Completely on your own choice. A freelancer also earns very much higher as a SEO content writer.

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