High DA Blog Commenting Sites Full list 2021

High DA Commenting Sites List 2021 Backlinks

Hey guys, did you know? How comment backlinks works for you site’s ranking? If not, don’t worry, I will tell you in this article. Also download High DA Blog Commenting Sites list 2021 .

Guys through blog commenting sites, You can easily create Do- follow or No- follow backlinks. Now in this article I will tell you, Which website users use this one method to create backlinks. Is it good for ranking? good for website ?

Is it Good For Ranking ? ? Good for website ?

Yes definitely , These kind of blog backlinks help your website’s ranking. Some peoples will say that this is not for website ranking.Majority of these kind of websites provides No-follow backlinks . No, that’s totally wrong !!

Because No-follow backlinks are also an important factor. It also helps your website’s ranking. But as compared to Do-follow backlinks. Do-follow backlinks are much better than No- follow. But it doesn’t means that NO-follow backlinks are worthless.

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You just have to create No-follow backlinks in higher quantity as compared to do-follow backlinks. Now, you can create Do- follow or No-follow backlinks through blog commenting sites. But majority of these kind of  websites provides No-follow backlink.

But it is still good for your site, Because No-follow backlinks are also matters in Ranking. So, yes Blog commenting site backlinks are also good for ranking. But you have to create in higher quantity.

Download Full List of 615+ High DA Blog Commenting Sites :

Guys, hope you will enjoyed our previous article and Blog commenting sites PDF. Hope you’re doing well and creating awesome backlinks. Just start creating backlinks and Improve your site’s ranking, also create great content for your audiences.

Now to create backlinks on these sites :

  • Go to the website mentioned in this list.
  • Then click on any blog and go to the comments section.
  • In the comments, just write a positive and good comment. But not so spammy , Just write a simple comment.
  • In th website’s section just give the link of  your site.
  • Click on publish comment.
  • That’s it you created your backlink….
  • Just do this on all sites given in the  list.

Here is your download file of full High DA blog commenting sites..