Government Jobs for Ethical Hackers 2022

Government Jobs For Ethical Hacker 2021

Did you know? According to Statista, the Indian government spends more than 395 U.S dollars on Cyber Security. It was estimated that this expense will increase up to 550 U.S dollars by 2022.

The government spends such a big amount on cybersecurity for protecting their data. It means the Indian government paid a big amount on the jobs for Ethical hackers.

Statistic: Value of expenditure towards cyber security in India in 2019 with a forecast for 2022, by sector (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Guys, Did you know? According to Statista, In 2019, India’s banking, finance, and insurance sector had the highest expenditure on cybersecurity. It was around 500 million U.S dollars.

This was estimates that this expenditure will go up to 800 million U.S dollars by 2022.

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IT sectors come on second in the term of expenses on cybersecurity in India with 430 million U.S dollars. It was estimated that the IT sector will cross over 700 million U.S dollars by 2022.

Now, the third one is Government expenses on cyber security. The government also has a huge expense on Cybersecurity. Because any country’s data is the most important thing for a country.

So, the Indian government expenses around 395 million U.S Dollars on Cyber Security. It was estimated that this expense will increase up to 580 million U.S, dollars by 2022.

Indian Government expenses on ethical hackers

So, to protect all the data of the country, to overcome Cyber-crimes, To catch black hat hackers,  governments hire and give jobs to ethical hackers. But wait…………!!!! Indian Government does not give directly government jobs to ethical hackers in the cyber cell.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Guys, Ethical hacking is legal hacking. Like ethical hacking is hacking, which is done with permissions. Basically in ethical hacking, hackers find the vulnerability of any software, malware, Viruses, etc. Basically, ethical hackers are hired by renowned companies to find the vulnerability and weak points of their services and software.

It is very important to note this point, hacking without any permission is illegal and a serious matter. It can lead to many years of imprisonment.

Two Methods and Requirements for Getting a Government Job of an Ethical Hacker

However, there are only two ways to join cyber cell for government.

  • Through Examination
  • Through Contact Bases
How to join cyber cell department of ethical hackers in India

We will discuss all these methods below. But first I want to tell you the minimum requirements for joining the cyber cell department for government :


  • Must be graduated from any stream ( But technical stream will make it easier to get a job in the cyber cell)
  • Age 18 – 28
  • Must be Indian ( In India ).
  • Right Skills in cyber security.

How to Join Cyber Cell Department (Government Job for Ethical Hackers )

Guys, as I mentioned above, there are only two methods to join Cyber cell department.

Two methods to get a government job of Ethical hacker
  • Through Examination
  • Contact Bases

Through Examination: Guys, there are no direct exams were conducted by the government to enter the cyber cell. If you want to join the cyber cell department, then firstly you have to join CID, IB, CBI, etc.

Technical field streams for government jobs for ethical hackers

Then you can switch to the cyber cell department. So, there is not any direct method to get a government job for ethical hackers. Firstly you have to join

  • CID
  • CBI
  • IB

Now how you’ll join CID, IB, CBI? You can join CID, CBI by the exam of UPSC and SSC  CGL. So, firstly you have to crack the exam of UPSC and then you can join CID or CBI.

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Then after joining CID and CBI, “you can switch your job to cyber cell department”. You can switch to the cyber cell department if you have skills in cybersecurity. If you have technical background then, it will be easy for you to switch from CID to the cyber cell department.

They will test your skills in cyber security, forensic, etc. Then you will be selected for cyber cell department.

Through Contact Bases: You can join cyber cell through contact bases also. But you must need to be graduated from a technical stream like ( C.S.E, BSc C.S.E, BCA, IT). Then after your skills testing, you can get a job in a cyber cell. They will test your skills and then you will join the cyber cell.

So, this is the full procedure for getting a government job for ethical hackers or in the cyber cell department. Now move towards the next the “Jobs provided by government for ethical hackers

Government Jobs for Ethical hackers:

Basically, Government hires the hackers who have deep knowledge of hacking tools, tactics, and techniques to breach existing security protocols, etc. Must need deep knowledge in forensic, network security, website security, etc.

Government provides Jobs as Network Security Administrator, Chief Information Security Officer, Application Security Tester, Chief Application Security Officer, etc.

Job Titles:

Job TitlesAverage Salaries
Security Analyst4.89 Lakhs/ Year
Informational Security Analyst5.48 Lakhs/ Year
Security Consultant8.72 Lakhs/ Year
Certified Ethical Hacker4.91 Lakhs/ Year
Penetration Tester5.96 Lakhs/ Year
Forensic5.53 Lakhs/ Year
Network Security Engineer
And Other Jobs…….
5.15 Lakhs/ Year

Job opportunities are good, but the fact is you can’t directly get a government job of ethical hacker. Firstly you have to join CID, CBI,IB, etc. then you can switch to cyber cell department.

Salary Provided by the Government for Ethical Hacker

Basically, in India, The average salary of an ethical hacker in India by  4 Lakh per annum to 6 Lakh per annum as a fresher. Your salary can be increased 30 Lakh per annum with your experience and good work.

Government Ethical hackers earns 20 to 30 % more than in any IT field. So, the salary is provided by the government also good. 

Summary of this Article :

Guys, You can join cyber cell through two methods only

  • Through Examination
  • Through Contact Bases

There is no direct method to join the Cyber cell. Firstly you have to join CID, CBI, IB, etc. Then you can switch to the cyber cell by internal examinations. You can join CID or CBI through the examination of UPSC.

For switching from CID or CBI to Cyber cell, you must have cyber security skills and deep knowledge about cyber security. The you can switch to the cyber cell.

You can also get job in cyber cell through contact bases, But you must need graduated from technical streams like ( CSE, BSc CSE, BCA, IT, etc.) Then you can join the cyber cell.

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