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Fun Facts About Google : Hey guys, do you know some fun facts about google? Here is the most amazing and interesting facts about google. That you must know. Google is the most interesting company of all the time in the world.

Top and fun facts about Google

Hey I am Sandeep Singh and I am a blogger. Today I will tell you the most interesting facts about Google.

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Did you know the shocking revenue of last year? Google has earned 160.74 Billion U.S Dollar. The revenue of the Google is increasing every year.

This company is one of the biggest companies in the world. This company is started in 1995. This was a project of Stanford University P.hd.

So let’s start Fun facts about Google.

Top Fun Facts About Google

First Fun Fact about google
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#Google acquiring companies every week

Since 2010, Google has been acquiring of one company every week.Yes guys, Do you believe? Google is acquiring a new company every week.

This is so shocking and interesting fact. The revenue of Google is as much as they can acquire a new company in just some days.

Google is the fastest growing company of all the time. So that’s why it’s revenue is so high.

#Google queries per second

Google processes over 63000 queries per second. So, guys you can imagine that, How much loads on the Google servers.

In fact, Google’s servers are the one of the best servers in the world.

Every second 63000 searches are occurs in every second. So, you can imagine that how much searches occurs in a day or in a week.

Guys, please tell me in the comment section that how much searches you do in a day on the google.

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#Google owns Misspelled words

Google owns a misspelled words Like,, But at the end they choose as it finale domain name.

Which is just blows up on the internet. Now the google earns 163.74 Billion U.S dollar.

2nd Fun fact about google

#The original name of the google was not google

Actually at the first google was named Backrub. Then the company wants to change their name. Then the google name was born. In the above I already have told you that Google owns a misspelled word.

So Guys, did you ever thinks that google is a misspelled word. I have never ever thinks that.

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#Google suddenly stopped working in 2013

Did you know guys? On 16 August 2013 Google suddenly stopped working for 5 minutes. The most amazing thing is that, The internet usage in just 5 minutes decreased by 40% in worldwide.

But now in 2020 the google is more important form 2013. The internet usage is now very high in world wide. Do you ever thinks that what happen if google was stopped working for a day. In present, google becomes one of the most important thing in daily life in every men’s or women’s life.

stressed( Fun fact about google)

Now, the large amount of the peoples have started their work on google. Their business are just running online on the internet. Like Amazone, flipkart or all other websites.

If google stopped working just for 2 or 3 minutes. Then you can’t imagine that How much loss did these companies will face.

#Google’s market share value

Google almost have 90% of market share in search engines. Now you can imagine that how Google worthy is?

Market share(Fun fact about google)
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#Google’s main Earning resource

Did you know? 89% of google’s earning is from the google advertising.

So, the main resource of google’s earning is google advertising in SEA(Search Engine Advertising). Companies pays google foe coming out at the first page and on the top of search results.

#Google wants to sell it’s search engine in 1997 for $2 million

Google wants to sell its search engine to Yahoo. Google asked for $2 Million for their search engine. But Yahoo denied and said that the asking price is too high.

Now the google earns 163.74 Billion dollars. That’s Amazing. Now the yahoo is very less valuable from Google.

So here are the some Fun facts about Google, that you must know. If you are in a tech industry, then you have know about that fun facts about google.

How Google becomes most valuable company

We all are know that Google is gaining success since from the starting. But company also faces a difficult time. When Google losses around 3 million users in just a night.

At that time google is just ended up. The microsoft launches his own browser with their own search engine called Bing. At that time Google is just receiving their audience by microsoft’s internet explorer.

But by the microsoft’s bing launched and removal of google from their browser. Google losses almost 3 million users.

Sunder pichai

Then Sunder pichai(Present time CEO of GOOGLE) introduces Google chrome browser. Which saves the whole company. With this browser google almost gains majority of it’s users.

Then the Sunder Pichai becomes CEO of company and his techniques gives high speed to the company’s revenue.

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So, Sunder Pichai also a cause of google’s popularity. That’s why Sunder Pichai is very Popular. And he did what the company needs to rise in the air.

If you want to learn more about Sunder Pichai then you can ask me in the comments section. Then I will make an another article on the whole struggle of Sunder Pichai.

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