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Facts About Youtube: There are very very interesting and weird facts about the youtube, That you don’t know. There are large number of those site’s, who had already discussed about that. But, on this site, I will share most interesting and weird facts. That will not on any other site.

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Guys, we all are knew about the youtube. All of us uses youtube. Now Youtube becomes a very very large platform for us. We can get fame and also earns millions of dollars on youtube. Youtube has the large number of users. It runs almost every country and in more than 80 languages. That covers 90% of internet population.

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So, Today I will tell you the most interesting and weird facts about youtube, That you don’t know. So let’s start.

# Most Interesting and weird facts about Youtube

  • Did you know? If some one visits on youtube site. The average time they spend on youtube is 15 to 25 minutes at least. It means if some one visits on youtube. He must spend 15 to 25 minutes minimum. This is the power of youtube.
  • In 2007, Tony blair was the first british prime leader and first world leader, who had a youtube channel. He created his channel in 2007.
  • More that half of the users of youtube are from mobile phones. It means more peoples used their phones to watch youtube instead of computer.
  • The first month after the creation of youtube, It had 3 million visitors. The number of visitors tripled by the third month on February 2006. Then again tripled by July 2006 to the 30 million visitors. So, by the end of the year. Youtube reached more than 38 Million visitors.
  • In just 18 months after creation of youtube. It sold to Google for $1.65 billion. That’s amazing.
  • Did you ever thinks that how much loads on the youtube servers. Now I will give you a hint. MOre than 500 hours video are uploaded on youtube in every minute. That’s Insane, But now you can think that how much loads did youtube servers have.
…………Enjoying the most interesting facts about youtube………..
  • Did you know that? First video was uploaded on youtube in April 2005. That is still alive on the youtube. This video was uploaded by the co- founder of the youtube in San Diago Zoo.If you didn’t watch that video. So go and watch that video.
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  • Did you watch the ‘Gangnum Style’ video on youtube? This video is very popular and it breaks down the Youtube’s view count limit. That was fixed later. This is the most watched video on youtube.
  • Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google in the world. It beats Yahoo! and Bing. It has more users then the collective users of Yahoo! and bing!
  • “How to Kiss” Is the most searched topic on the Youtube. Yes, this is the most searched topic. I didn’t believe it. But it’s true and also a amazing fact.
  • Peoples watch more than 6 Billions hours per month and 4 Billion videos everyday. Did you believe it Guys. That’s amazing.
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  • The second most searched topic on the Youtube is “How to tie a tie.” This is the most searched topic after “How to kiss.”
  • Did you know? The longest video on youtube has a length of 571 hours , 1 minutes and 41 seconds. It is about 23 days video.

So, Guys these are the most interesting facts about youtube. Most of our leisure time spend on the youtube. Youtube is perfect for almost of every category person. Like a student, Entertainment lover, Songs edicted person, Gym lovers , Kids etc. Almost every person can find their interest on Youtube.

So, that’s why youtube has a very very large number users and visitors. Now a days, Youtube becomes necessary for all.

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