Facebook Clone Script (Make an App Like Facebook) | Without Hosting/ Domain

download facebook clone script free

Here is a Step-By-Step Guide to Building an app like Facebook with Facebook Clone Script And the interesting thing is:

You can build this app:

  • Without Coding.
  • No Need Hosting.
  • Without Domain.
  • Absolute Free

This means you don’t needs to buy a hosting or domain name for this app.

And this app works really really faster like real Facebook.

Well Guys,

We know, there is a huge demand of social networks apps nowadays. And we also knows that how much a social media app can be successful in now a days.

About Facebook Clone Script 

This script is basically on the concept of social media app. This script will build an social media app for you.

Without any Cost !!!

You can build your own audience through this app.

Basically, this kind of script costs around 50 to 100 dollars. But I am giving you it absolutely free of cost. 

Why I am giving you facebook clone script absolute free ?

Because I need your love and support. And I wants to grow my audience. And if you supports me and share my website’s article ….

Then I will continuously publish these kinds of articles, where you can learn to make apps from scripts. 

So, please keep supporting me and sharing my site’s article.

Requirements For creating this app:

  • Android Studio
  • Firebase

You don’t needs to purchase any web hosting or domain name.

How To Download and Setup Android Studio in Your Computer?

Steps to install Android studio :

  • Download android studio from here
  • Then download ‘Java SE Development Kit’ as shown in video.
  • Setup the Java SE Development Kit- ( shown in video)
  • Then open Android studio > install> configure settings
  • Tick on all downloadable material that we needs
  • Then click on agree and your android studio will download some files.
  • Now your android studio ready to develop app.

Now you can build app in android studio

Importing Android Project –

To import the template:

  • simply open Android Studio 
  • Then Click on – import/open the template. 

Make sure to wait for all the processes (the Gradle Build) to complete before continuing to the next step

(Important ) Addition steps

Additional steps Sometimes, the Gradle Build fails. 

In some cases additional components are needed.

Android Studio will ask you to do download these additional SDK components in the ‘messages’ tab, simply follow the instructions provided to install and download the additional components.

Change Bundle ID –

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Change App Name –

Here is how you can change the name of this app:

  • Go to App > res > values >  strings.
  • Here you change app name as shown in image
Change app name in facebook clone script

Above is illustrated how you can change the name of the application.

Change Color Scheme –

Here is how you can change the color schema of this app:

  • Go to App > res > values > colors.
change color of app

Above is illustrated how you can change the Colors of the application. Change color of facebook clone app.

Change Theme of Application Day/Dark –

How to Change theme
change theme

Above is illustrated how you can change the Theme of the application and theme & color of the application .

Change App icon –

Now we need to put a png file with your icon named ‘ic_launcher.png’ in the following folders:

  • res/drawable-mdpi – with a size of 48px x 48px
  • res/drawable-hdpi – with a size of 72px x 72px
  • res/drawable-xhdpi – with a size of 96px x 96px
  • res/drawable-xxhdpi – with a size of 144px x 144px

this URL will help you resize your images or event create new icon to your app Launcher Icon Generator

Above is illustrated how you can change the icon of the application.

Firebase Configuring –

Create Realtime Database – ( For Facebook Clone App Script)

how to connect firebase to an app

Go to Database and create real-time database.

Create Storage –

create storage in firebase for facebook clone script

Go to storage and create a new storage.

Firebase storage

Copy the part of URL given above and replace it with     {bucket}.

Change Firebase Db Rules –

Firebase DB rule
How to configure firebase with app

if you did not change the firebase rules the app functions will not work.

Generate SHA-1 –

generate sha-1 in firebase for facebook clone script
how to generate SHA-1 key in firebase for facebook clone script

Follow the steps.

Enable Sign-in methods –

configure firebase to facebook clone script

if you did not enable the firebase Sign-in methods the the sign-in & sign-up function will not work.

key for notifications –

Configure key for notications in facebook clone script
configure key notification for facebook clone script

if you did not follow the setps the app functions will not send or receive any notification.

invite link in facebook clone script
invite link
configure invite link

This will illustrat how to change app name and package name of app in invite link.

Splash Screen –

change Splash screen in facebook clone script
How to change splash screen

This will illustrat how to change icon in splash screen.

Admob for ads – (In Facebook Clone Script)

This video will show you how to add ads in your app and how to show or hide ads in your app.

Below given illustrate how to add ads in your app and how to show or hide ads in your app with images .

Hide or show ads in app.

Admob ad hide or show in facebook clone script

Copy App id from admob.

Admob ad setup in facebook clone script app

Paste App id in Manifest.

App id paste in app code in android studio

Copy Banner & native unit id from admob.

place banner ads in facebook clone script app

paste Banner & native unit id in res-values-strings.xml

add banner and native ads in apps

Download Facebook Script

Here you can download the Facebook script. Download link will be sent to your e-mail address.


So, Guys, With this facebook clone app script you can easily create your own social media app like facebook, instagram etc.

Without Hosting, Domain Name !!!

Just follow our full steps and  you’ll create your own social media app easily.

Hope you’ll like our today’s article and tutorial. It may help you.

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