Convert Twitter Hashtags into NFT and EARN when Someone Tweets !?

convert twitter hashtags into nft

A Disclaimer: This article is only for the people, those who believe that NFTs are going to boom in the future. But if you don’t believe in the world of NFTs, You don’t understand this concept then I won’t recommend you to read this article. And in this article I have also shown you how I have bought and convert Twitter hashtags into NFT.

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The world of Web 3.0 is increasing this much, That even big companies like Twitter, Even they hired a dedicated Crypto Team in November 2021, and the task of this team was to integrate Web 3.0 into Twitter.

That we also call as dApps or DAPPS, So now you are watching that NFTs are used everywhere, Whether it’s Buying/Selling of Art, or Collectibles made by Companies, Or Even the major core in Play-To-Earn Games is also in form of NFTs.

But today I am going to talk about such a unique and interesting concept, By which you NFT’s price could increase, only by the usage of Twitter by different people in the world, And you can earn income as the user will use Hashtags on Twitter.

Let me clear this thing that this article is not sponsored And I am following this project for the last 20-25 days And as I got some confidence that this is worth it with also some scope in the future.

So I thought to create a dedicated Article, So this will be a tutorial as well, for the people who are interested in this.

But one more thing is that I didn’t find any Indian video or article on this unique and beneficial concept.

Don’t Know Why? So let me try to describe this in 3 simple lines,

basically “What goes on Twitter?”


Now you can convert your favorite Hashtags in form of NFTs And as the users will use your Minted NFT (Hashtag) on platforms like Twitter, Then the value will increase accordingly and you will earn money.

In fact, this could also be a possibility

That the Hashtags which you might be using could also be giving some Financial Benefit to another person.

How to Convert Twitter Hashtags into NFT? Full Explanation

Now let’s do a practical,

This much of theory is enough, Even in schools, the practical was much more interesting. So the name of the website is ‘‘.

They also have a dedicated coin ‘TAGCOIN‘ that is worth $0.21, So here it is showing that choose your Hashtag and Check Availability,

tagprotocol - buy and covert twitter hashtags into nft

Suppose I search for ‘#BTS’, ( BTS is a Korean Band), So here it is showing “#BTS is not available” it means that it is sold,

convert twitter hashtags into nft

Now let’s understand the ratio of Buying/Selling here, The system here is that we can mine 1,00,000 lakh Hashtags here.

Fees is required for mining, Simply, you can say that you have to give some charges to purchase any Hashtag, for minting.

So here a total of 1,00,000 Hashtags are available in this project. Out of which 45,000 are already sold.

This is the game here that

By analyzing you have to purchase such a Hashtag that you think can come in trending list again and again on Twitter.

Like ‘IPL’ – People will use this Hashtag after a certain period of time, because the API of this project is directly linked to Twitter. So after 2 days of research, I found an Available Hashtag – ‘Paytm’.

available hashtags in tagprotocol to covert into nft

And it’s also showing  ‘#Paytm’ is Available, So I’ll try purchasing this one, So it will ask to connect with a wallet. So you should have at least 1 wallet from all these:

Let me tell you the 2 most easy ones →

  • MetaMask
  • Trust Wallet

I have a wallet of MetaMask, So I’ll register with this one. But if you want to use Trust Wallet then you can use that also

BEP2 Standard and BEPT 20 Standard Which One is Used for Purchasing Hastags?

I remember one thing, You might find it confusing, So read to it carefully.

So the BNB used here in transactions,

That BNB is working on 2 networks – ‘BEPT 2 Standard’ and ‘BEPT 20 Standard’, So the BEPT 20 Standard is used on Binance Smart Chain through which we can purchase HASHTAGS.

So you have to  make sure this thing that while receiving BNB in Indian Crypto Wallets, then you have to select ‘BEPT 20’.

If you’ll select ‘BEPT 2’, then you might lose your money/funds.

So I’ll recommend you to use ‘Trust Wallet’ because on this you have both BEPT 2 and BEPT 20 options and you can swap them also.

So this is based on Binance Smart Chain, So make sure if you are using MetaMask, Then select Binance Smart Chain from the options.

So as you’ll click OK, It will ask for an invitation code.

Invitation code in  tagprotocol

My Invitation code: 0xF4C632884dB684deF59EFDe0d8193b7E4BcF1207

So this whole project is on an Invite Basis, You cannot purchase anything here without any invitation code.

So I already have an invitation code, but if you want to enter here, Then I’ll tell you ‘What is this Invitation System?’,

So I have entered my invitation code and clicked on Submit,

Register hashtags in tagprotocol

So now I have to select Register  Hashtag as I am purchasing it,  So I’ll click here, And enter my chosen Hashtag #Paytm, then Search,

It’s showing Available, 

how to convert twitter hashtags into nft in tagprotocol

As of now, this Hashtag is worth $650, This price will increase in the future, I’ll talk about that also. So the price of this is equivalent to 1.62 BNB,

I have entered 1.65 BNB because some transaction fees could also be charged, So I’ll click on ‘Register Now’,

Then a request will pop-up on MetaMask Wallet that here is a  request for a transaction, So I’ll confirm this, And after around 8-10 seconds, it will display a confirmation message.

So on the above side it’s visible that the transaction is successfully done, To confirm this you can also go to My  Hashtags,

purchase complete in tagprotocol

So it will show that you have purchased a Paytm Hashtag. So as people will use #Paytm on Twitter, I might get some financial benefit.

So let me tell you the working behind this, So here it is showing Current Grade – 0. So it takes 12-18 hours to update the grades.

What is Grading System in Hashtag NFT?

Now let’s understand the Grading System, Here it’s written ‘VIEW GRADE PAYOUT CHART‘,

If you’ll click on this, it will show the full details, Grades are divided from 1 to 21, As I told you, there are 45,000 sold out of 1,00,000 Hashtags, So it does not mean that all the 45,000 Hashtags will trend every day or be used in bulk.

The competing list of Hashtags will vary, So every hashtag receives a grade on a daily basis, That on which grade is the Hashtag positioning on.

The most used one will get Grade 1, And the chart is extending till 21 in decreasing order. The grades of every hashtag will vary every day depending on the usage of that on Twitter.

Now let’s suppose if you think of a Hashtag, But you don’t know the position of that on Twitter,

To find that there is a website ‘‘,

If I search Paytm, Then here the popularity is above 50%,  a good one, Monthly trend is also in Green colour, It could also give a huge revenue in future.

So if you are purchasing any Hashtag, then you can do a bit of analysis on this website. To check which Hashtag could be more beneficial.

So nothing is fixed in the case of Hashtags

Like it could have a sudden boom, or could be in a loss also. So you have to take decisions accordingly.

Now let’s go more deeper, So they have one more platform ‘’, You will find this kind of interface on this website.

On the lower right side, you can find all the details, Like 45,107 Hashtags are already registered out of  1,00,000 Hashtags,

And you have to see one main point –

Hourly Tag Supply – 8400 Tags,

It means that all the owners of Hashtags are receiving 8400 coins,

Not all the owners are receiving 8400 coins separately

but are being received by all the  owners together.

If you want to see more details,

Then every hour – 0.19 Tags, And on yearly basis – 1600 Tags.

Now the Hashtag that I have purchased will receive its grade within 12-18 hours as per usage on Twitter,

and according to that, I will start receiving Tag coins.

How To Earn with Hashtag NFTs ?

Now let’s talk about Income as we have also invested money. ese were all technical things, So let me show you simple Maths,

Now I am not saying that my hashtag will always be on Grade 1 nor on Grade 21. This Hashtag might come into use because of some News or any Launches.

Even the customers will also use ‘#Paytm’ for making any complaints. So let’s say, I believe that the average standing of my hashtag would be around Grade 10,

So 420 Tagcoins every hour, for the owners on this grade. So now let’s move to their second website ‘’,

Here you will understand this more clearly. So the same calculation is here:


So in a year I’ll earn 1.6K Tagcoins, As of now 1600 Tagcoins * $0.21 = $336,

Did I spend around $650 for $336?

Do you think I am going to this?

There are many more things, basically, this project has just started 4-5 months ago and its coin has now increased to 19 cents by starting from 0, so there is a hope of exponential growth.

And it probably won’t take time to come to $2 from 21 cents, And these $336 can increase to more than $3500.

One source of income is this, that depends on coin fluctuation, Some more points you should know if you are interested in  this project,

1 – The Yearly Yield will decrease every year, Like Bitcoin – While mining, its supply decreases, In the same manner, the yearly yield of this coin will also decrease every year.

2 – Total Hashtags are 1,00,000 but after every 5000 Hashtags. The price of the Hashtags increases, It’s clearly written in Whitepaper that It has started from $200 but after every 5000 Hashtags it increases by $50.

The price of the Hashtags increases, It's clearly written in Whitepaper that It has started from $200 but after every 5000 Hashtags it increases by $50.

It means that the last 5000 Hashtags will be  sold for $1150, It means that I have already purchased my Hashtag at 50% discount.

And What I mean by discount is, Exactly after selling 1,00,000 Hashtags, After that they will start Hashtag Marketplace, And on this Marketplace all the people can trade their Hashtags(NFTs).

Before that, they were obviously receiving the income, And  after that, you can do the bidding of your Hashtag as per your desire,

Even you can also purchase Hashtags.

Now for checking the value of these Hashtags, one more platform is there ‘’,

Let’s suppose I search ‘BTS’,

So the history of this Hashtag will appear on this platform, So it’s Token ID is 100, which means from  starting ‘BTS’ was at 100th place,

And till now it has done the income of 2674 Tagcoins as per the usage of Twitter, As of now, 2674 TAG means $561,

And it has come in the starting 5000 Tags, So the cost price  has to be $200, And $200 is now already $561,

And the current grade is 1, So the selling price has to be a lot. If it goes for listing on Marketplace then it will be worth at least $1500,

So in the duration of 6 months, the returns are 10x, So I am not saying that it will make you rich in one night, but if you believe in NFTs, Then you can enter this thing.

How to Get Invitaion Code?

Now the thing here is the Invitation Code for entering, So What’s the invitation code?

The wallet that you will use, Either MetaMask or Trust Wallet, The address of the wallet is your invitation code,

but it must be someone else’s, you can’t use your own;

So I’ll give my Invitation Code , you can use that, If you will you that Invitation Code, Then I will also get some commission and you can also earn some commission.

Invitation Code: 0xF4C632884dB684deF59EFDe0d8193b7E4BcF1207


So this is the whole system of tagprotocol, That how is money generated from the tweets of Twitter.

You tell me – What do you think?

Let me tell you again that this is not a scheme to make you rich in one night. It will need some time, At least 1 year as you are entering for long term.

but I’ll say that you can also get good returns.

Even I am planning to do some analysis and buy some 3-4 such Hashtags that can give good growth. The money invested today can be very beneficial for the next 1 year.

because it can also return with 10x profit. And this is the World of Crypto. I’ll recommend investing that much only which you can afford to lose, No work should be interrupted at your home. No more problems should be created because this is the World of Crypto.

If you like the Article then hit the LIKE button and share the article with your family and friends, You can find the Invitation Code in the Article if you want to buy any Hashtag, If you have any queries then I am available on Telegram, You can ask there. See you in the next Article.

Till Then,

Stay Safe Stay in touch with weboking for such amazing articles!

Bye Bye


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