How to Structure a Blog Post? Brilliant Bloggers Techniques

How to structure a blog post

It is very hard- but not impossible, to rank a blog post on top search results on Google for a new blog website. But… Did you know? You can do that, just by choosing the right Blog-post structure for your website. But also with the consistency of post publishing. Effects of choosing a right blog … Read more

What is Bucket Brigade in Content Writing? Bucket Brigade Guide

what is a Bucket Brigades

Hey, Are you a blogger or content writer? Did you hear about Bucket Brigade?  Basically, Bucket Brigades are used in content writing. Almost every famous blogger or content writer use bucket brigades in their articles to increase engagement time and decrease bounce rate. Look: Bucket Brigades are the secrete word that famous and experienced bloggers … Read more

Government Jobs for Ethical Hackers 2021

Government Jobs For Ethical Hacker 2021

Did you know? According to Statista, the Indian government spends more than 395 U.S dollars on Cyber Security. It was estimated that this expense will increase up to 550 U.S dollars by 2022. The government spends such a big amount on cybersecurity for protecting their data. It means the Indian government paid a big amount … Read more

Salary For Ethical Hacking 2021 | Ethical Hacker Salary

Salary for ethical Hacking

Salary For Ethical Hacking: Hey Guys, Did you know? The demand for ethical hackers is increasing day by day all over the world like U.S., Australia, India, Canada, China, etc. Almost in every country, the demand of ethical hacker is increasing. Why? here is the answer : Why the demand of ethical hacker is increasing … Read more

How to Start Blogging for Beginners | Blogging Guide

How To Start a Successful Blog Journey

Hey, Guys did you know about blogging? In my case, blogging is a platform where I can fulfill my passion. Trust me blogging changed my whole life. Create a blog was the best decision in my life. If you also want to start a blog and fulfill your passion, then this article will tell you … Read more