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Pro SEO Optimization Techniques

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Now optimize your website’s or blog’s ranking on search engines with our Pro SEO Optimization techniques. All these techniques are user-friendly and absolute for beginners.

Use the right techniques in SEO and your site will rank on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Know all the correct techniques in this category.

what bounce rate is good for Ranking
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What Bounce Rate is Good? ( For Ranking/ SEO) – Bounce Rate Guide 2.0

What is a “good bounce rate?” I hear this question asked quite often.  Usually I get an, “Ah, who knows?” or, “It depends…”  If it depends on what…the site’s industry, the content type or even the visit duration time.  Google recommends a bounce rate of between 40-60% and anything below 50% is generally considered good ... Read more
Faetured SNippet Optimization Strategies
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3 Featured Snippet Optimization Strategies to Win the War of Ranking

“Featured Snippet Optimization Strategies” helps in increasing your website’s visibility and enhances your website to appear in top search results with featured snippets. Did you know? Only 6.83% of all search results have featured snippets. And featured snippets stealing the majority of the clicks. So, why we just optimize our websites for featured snippets? I ... Read more
what is a Bucket Brigades
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What is Bucket Brigade in Content Writing? Bucket Brigade Guide

Hey, Are you a blogger or content writer? Did you hear about Bucket Brigade?  Basically, Bucket Brigades are used in content writing. Almost every famous blogger or content writer use bucket brigades in their articles to increase engagement time and decrease bounce rate. Look: Bucket Brigades are the secrete word that famous and experienced bloggers ... Read more