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Best way to learn coding faster

Hey guys, I am Sandeep Singh. I am a student of CSE( Computer Science Engineering). Today I just want share my story that how I learn coding very faster. I will tell you the most effective and best way to learn coding very faster as well as a rocket.

This is a simple but most effective trick that most of the students don’t know. Many students or peoples faces many difficulties while learning coding. Sometimes they learn coding makes some interesting projects while learning. But after sometime if someone ask them to recreate that project , then they confuse in their coding. And confused that what they do now?

So, many peoples faces this problem while learning coding. They trying to remember their coding but they failed to remember. So, here is the solution. The most effective way to learn coding faster.

Before I will tell you that trick I want to share my story with you.That how I got this trick. which difficulties I had faced while learning Coding.

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Problems that I faced while learning coding

My story while learning coding

Guys as you know I am a student of B.Tech CSE branch. But actually i am learning coding since I was in 12th standard. I had faced many problems at the beginning. I used to learn most of the coding from the online resources in those days.

So, I just learning coding from online resources and things go on. At first i have learn C language basics and do some projects on that. After that I have started learning c++ and do some projects on that. I have created many projects like interest calculator, Salary tax, or making some websites. Then I completes my 12th class, and then my college starts.

Then I have started learning java and started making some projects using java. Everything is going well. But one day in my college, our teachers gives us a project. That project was to make an interest calculator app in C or C++. I thought that i know C and C++ as well as. And also I had created a interest calculator using C++ 3 or 4 months ago.

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But what will happen? I just sit on my desk and started making that app. but I forgot some of my coding lines and little bit confuse in coding. Then I have started looking for that app that I had made 3 or 4 months ago. But I forget that where did I placed that app in my computer .

Then I had to take help from my teacher and thus I have created that app again. And from that day I just created a way to learn my coding and remember that all the time. Then I always used that trick and from then to now I never forget my coding. So that is a very very effective way.

Best & Most effective to learn faster and remember your coding all the time.

best way to coding

From that day I have started putting my all coding and projects on online resources. Only I can excess that Coding. There are many resources like Blogger , Github etc.

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I have used blogger as my online coding resource and that was my personal coding blogger site. I had never share that site to anyone and put that on private. Only with the URL , that site can be access.

I used to all my coding and project’s coding paste on that site. Then whenever I needs to create a project and I forgot some coding lines, then I used to go on that site and see the coding. This is the fastest method.

This method helps you a lot in remembering the coding. whenever you are free just take a look o that site and read you coding. This will helps you a lot. Because you can excess this from any device like from your phone, your college computers etc.

Why I choose blogger instead of Github

Guys I have choose blogger as a online resource, because it is so easy to use. Instead of blogger, if I use Github, then firstly I have to learn github. Because Github is not easy. I have to spend my 20 to 25 days to learn Github properly. But i needs a faster method. So I choose blogger instead of Github.

Guthub is also a very very popular and best online resource. Most of the developers uses Github. But it is difficult to use and learn.

Blogger vs Github | which one we use?


Blogger is a very fast website and you can create your personal and private website on it. Then you can use it as a online resource and put your coding on it.

Whereas Github also a online resource. Specially designed for developers.But difficult to use for a beginner.

If you have a lot of time then you can learn Github and then you can use it. But if you have shortage of time then you can use blogger as a online resource. If you are beginner, I personally recommends you to use blogger. Because it is very easy to use and also very fast.

So this is the best and most effective way to learn coding faster and remember easier. So please do this before you learn any programming language. This will makes you easier. Most of the students doesn’t know about online resources and how to use it.

In my next article I will tell you about the online resources and how to full customize and setup blogger as an online resource. So please stay in touch with us.

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