Best Way to Approach a Blog Owner for Free Guest Posting

Best way to approach a blog owner for guest posting

Nowadays, Guest blogging is going popular and popular day by day. Guest blogging helps you to spread awareness. It also helps you to build up your reputation as someone with knowledge and authority. But first, you have to find free guest posting sites and need to know the best and right way to approach a blog owner for guest blogging.

Guest Posting also helps you to build backlinks and engage a quality audience to your site.So, in this article, I will tell you the most proper and best ways to approach a blog owner for free guest posting. You need to know the best way to approach a blog owner with your pitch.

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Express your pitch in that way, that they can’t refuse your pitch.

Ways to Approach a Blog Owner for Free Guest Posting

The first thing you have to do is send a personal e-mail to the blog owner. You can get the blog owner’s e-mail from his/her website’s About Us or Contact Us page. Your personal e-mail needs to cover the following points properly.

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  • How to write to the blog owner

Firstly you have to know them. I mean collect some information about the blog owner from his/ her website. Like from the His/ Her name, profession, etc. You can easily find their information from His/ Her website’s About Us Page.

Do not writeDear Blog Owner, I want to publish a guest post’ or any generic term‘. Do enough homework on his/her website that you know , Who you were writing to.

  • Always Give a quick Introduction about You

First of all, you have to give your quick introduction before pitching for a guest post. Tell them about yourself, about your expertise, and how it can relate to their audience. If you do it first. They started making your personality portrait in their mind.

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It gives a powerful and professional impact on the blog owner. It will help to understand the blog Owner that How you can help them. Not how they can help you. So, always do it before pitching them for a guest post.

  • Educate Them not Just about You, but About their audience

Guys, Educate them, Just not About You, but about how much do you know about their audience and website. It will impress them and make an impact on them. That you know about their audience and you can teach their audience in a better way.

  • Promise the originality of your post

These days, Peoples are writing a single guest post and send them on various sites. It increases the plagiarism of the site. So, you have to provide a unique article and promise them that you are only providing that article to them.

Also Try these Tips

  • Find Out the gaps and Fill them :

Almost every blogger has a gap of content to fill in their websites. Try to find out that content gap and offer the blog owner to provide that kind of article. If you can’t find that Gap. Just offer guest blogging on a specific topic, according to your expertise.

  • Explain your promoting strategy for the blog post :

Explain to the blog Owner that How you will promote your post. Like through Facebook page, Instagram or youtube, etc. That they can engage more visitors to their website.

  • Supply Images with you post :

Always tries to provide some original copyright free images with your article. Also tell them that your images are completely copyright free.

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