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Best SEO tips

Best SEO Tips : Are you confused in ‘How to Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your content to get better rankings.’ And you don’t know how does SEO works. So here is the solution of your problem. Now I will tell you the most effective SEO tips and tricks. These tips do not require any professional knowledge about SEO. Anybody can do these SEO for getting better rankings.

My story of my first blogger website ranking

Hey, I am Sandeep Singh and I am a blogger and also student of software engineering student. Recently I have created 5 websites since around 2 or 3 months ago. I have do some simple SEO on all of these websites and guess what? My website starts ranking on the google.

Actually Guys I am not a SEO professional but I have some experience on SEO. At very first time I was created a website almost 1.5 years ago. On that days I just trying to rank my website on google. I tried my best and tried many SEO methods to rank my website. But I am failed and after that I haven’t work on that website.

I thought it was my domains fault. Then I have choose a micro niche domain website. Then I do some SEO on that and again I am failed. Actually on that days I doesn’t know what is the proper way to do SEO.

Created a new website without SEO

Then again I have created a new website without doing any SEO. I am just started posting my articles 100% in my words. I writes my articles in my language with some grammar. Because grammar is also very important for your article.

Web analytics(best seo tips)

Then I have just started posting my articles with some internal links and also with some external links. At that time my website or articles was not ranked. I published almost 25 to 30 articles on that post. After that my exams days were started and I completely forget about the website. I started focusing on my exams.

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Almost after a month, When my exams ended up. I opened my website and their stats on google analytics.Then I was shocked, I haven’t work on that website for almost a month. And on that time the organic traffic was zero and some page views just from facebook.

But after a month when I opened google analytics. it was receiving 20 to 25 visitors everyday form google. Then i just opened my Google Search console and I see that my website ranked on various keywords. I know that 20 or 25 visitors are not so much. But the thing is that my website is ranked on google.

SEO tips and tricks

That was a best startup for my website and now it was receiving almost 600 to 900 visitors everyday. That’s amazing.

Now what things and which SEO works for this website? Which technique has worked for this website? The proper way of SEO and Good content works in this website. Now I will tell you the proper and a very way of doing SEO on your content.Best SEO tips

These Simple but most effective ways will definitely help you to rank your website. If you have a good and unique article.

Best SEO Tips| That you can do in your Articles

#Unique Content more than 90%

unique content more than 90%(best seo tips)

Uniqueness also plays a very important role in SEO. If your content is plagiarized then Google Search Engine will ignore your content. Because that type of content is already available on the google. Google not wants to provide the same content on different websites to users. So that’s why Google will ignore your content or your website.

You can check your articles plagiarism on smallseotools website. Your plagiarism must be more than 90 % if you want your content ranked.

#Setup a unique style of your article

Setup a unique style of your article

A unique style of article writing is also very important. If you style and also contents matching each other then your article will be ignored by google. If you have some plagiarized content(about 30% plagiarized content) But you have a different style, Then you article will definitely ranked on google.

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So, Setup a unique style of writing. If you want a proper article or a proper video on it. Then please comment under the post and subscribe our website through your email.

Then ,I will definitely make a full video and a article on ‘How to choose best style for your website.’

#Add Subheading with no more that 300 words paragraph

Add Subheading with no more  that 300 words paragraph

Adding Subheadings increases the chances of ranking your website. Because subheading increases the readability and helps in giving accurate idea of your article. Which helps in ranking.

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According to the Google’s new SEO guidelines. Your articles one paragraph can also ranked instead of full article on specific keyword. So , now that’s more important to giving your accurate idea of your article to the google. Subheading will helps you in this.

#Informational + Good readability with Grammar

informational + Good readability with Grammar

This is very important part of your article. Your article must be informational with good readability and grammar. Google is now more focusing on user experience.

So, if you article was not so informational and difficult to learn for a user. Then your article will be ignored or dis-ranked by Google. So that’s a important part to give better user experience to your visitors. So the google can rank your site.

#Internal and external Linking

Internal and external Linking

Internal and external linking is also very important. With this you can easily get more traffic with your already ranked website articles. This is also plays an important role in SEO.

Google prefer those article which provides better information with internal or external links to enhance the user experience.

#Meta Description of every Article

SEO tips

At first Google reads your title and then Meta description of your articles. If you provides a good meta description then it’s higher the chances to get better rankings.

So, always provides better meta description for every article. If you don’t know how to provides meta description for your every articles then comment under the article. Also subscribe our website with your email.

Then I will provides a dedicated article or video about that.

# Image alt Text

Most of the peoples do not provides Alt text in their article’s images. that’s a a very very mistake. Always provides alt text on your article’s images that google can understand the purpose of the image.

#Time( Most Important)

Time is also very important for SEO

If you have done all these things then the next most important thing is time. You have to wait for at least a month. During that time google will understand your website and will index, If your content is real and rare with some SEO.

So, Time is also a most important thing. If you do some changes on your articles, Like backlinks, structure, SEO then it will take some time. So be in patience.

Analytics after simple seo done

So, I have done all these things in my recently created websites and now they are getting better rankings on Google. These all the tips are the best SEO tips that I have tried ever. If you like our article ‘Best SEO tips’ then please share this article or subscribe.

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