Best Programming Languages for Web Development in 2021

Best Programming Languages to learn in 2021

Best Programming Languages: Did you want to learn Web Development, but confused which programming language is best for web development and which language should you learn? Which language is best for getting a high level job?

Today there are 100s of languages that can be used in web development.There are many programming languages are available in the market.Today there are most of the old programming languages that are used in the web development.

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But, Now most of the companies are moving towards new languages and new techniques for the web development. So, it is useless to learn old programming languages & old techniques for web development.

But, there are some old languages that are evergreen languages. That languages are still best in the market.So, beginners can learn that programming languages as well as. Like:- Java, Javascript, PHP etc.

So, today I will tell you that which programming language you can learn in 2021 for becoming the best web developer.I will tell you the best new programming languages. Also the best old programming languages to learn. By learning these programming languages, you can easily grab a high level job.

I will show the best programming languages with their great growth rate. Also with their Share percentage in the market for both old & new languages.

At the end of the page I have given the conclusion and New technique for web development.Must read at the End, that is important.

Types Of Web Developer With Different Programing Languages.

There are two types of web developers. Both programmers have different languages with some common languages .Both types of web developers can get high level salary Job.

Types of web developer

Two Types of web developers are

1.)Front-End Web Developer:

Basically, front-end web developer designs the website pages and their graphics. In any website, we saw the homepage design or blog design. That are designed by front-end web developer.

The front-end web developer designs the style of web pages and their graphics.The everything we see on the website that are designed by front-end developer. Programming Languages are : HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery etc.

2.Back-end Web Developer:

So, front-end developer designs the website. but, where all the data is stored? here comes the back-end development. Like you have created a login page in your site and user comes to your site and enter the login details & click on submit button. but, after clicking on submit button, where will data gone.

So, here the back-end developer codes and sent that data on your website’s database. So, back-end developer works like this.They works with database communication, server, database based applications.

The back-end web developers used server-side programming languages. Like Python, Java,PHP, MongoDB etc.

Best Programming Languages for Front-End Developers.

Here are the best Programming languages for front-end developer.This list is according to their popularity.


Best programming langauges for web development

Javascript is the most widely used language for web development. According to the stack over flow survey( involved 64000 developers). This language is on top of the chart in both front-end and back-end. This language goes ahead of java, python, php and others.

Because there are many tools in it and extensions that helps developers write, compile, and optimize code. This makes the language very easy to operate. It was created by Brendan Eich in 1995.

According to PYPL, this language has 8.41% share in worldwide. It has 0.4% growth rate.

  • Initially this language was designed for ‘making web pages alive.’ But after that, it will started using for various purposes.
  • This language can be write in HTML and it will run automatically on page loads.
  • Today, javscript can execute not only in the browsers, but also on any device that has a special program called javascript engine.
  • Very easy to learn and write code.
  • Can be write in smartphones.
  • Huge popularity since launched and still the king.

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Best programming langauges for web development

React is a javascript framework with over 110,000 stars on Github. It was developed by Facebook. This allows developers to create user interfaces with powerful dynamic capabilities. This is a very fast language.

Webpages created with react are very fast. This language is growing day by day very fast among developers.

  • This is a javascript framework and developed by facebook.
  • Easy to use and code.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Very effective and fast.
  • Popularity increasing every year.


Best programming langauges for web development

AngularJS is developed by Google in 2016. It is harder as compared to React but provides more practicle solutions to front-end.

  • Developed by Google.
  • React and Angular both are equally popular.
  • Difficult to learn but also provides more practical frontend solutions.
  • Not as easy as React in writing codes.
  • Used by huge companies like Google and other famous companies.
  • moreover, it has very high demand in the industry.

So, These are the languages that are currently in very high demands and popular. Whereas javascript is the 25 years old language but also it is leading programming language. Angular and React are the new programming languages with high demand in 2021.

Best Programming Languages for Back-End Developers.

Here are the best Programming languages for back-end developer. This list is according to their popularity and also used world wide.


Best programming langauges for web development

Python is the most famous open source programming language.Python’s growing popularity has made it an essential programming language to learn these days.

It is created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991. According to the PYPL, Python ranked no.1 programming language. It has share of 31.02% in worldwide. It has a trend rate of +2.2%. Which really great as a programming language.

  • It is an interpreted ,Object-oriented, high level language.
  • Of course, this is very famous.
  • Also very easy to learn and write.
  • High level built-in data structures.
  • Very easy syntax and code readibilty is very high.
  • Also used in almost everywhere.


Best programming langauges for web development

Majority of websites on the internet in world wide used PHP as the back end. This created by Rasmus Landorf in 1995. PHP’s initially named Personal Home Page.but now it is called Hypertext preprocessor.

  • This is general purpose scripting language.
  • Not as easy as python.
  • difficult syntax and also difficult to read coding.
  • Difficult to learn but also very effective and fast.
  • Very important to learn as a web developer.
  • Majority website uses PHP.


Best programming langauges for web development

Ruby is also a famous back end programming language. This is easy to learn but takes a long time.Ruby is also a open source programming language.

  • Easy to learn but also takes a long time to learn.
  • Can be easily used for complex development projects.
  • Faster language.
  • Ruby is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language.

There are also another famous and new languages are available in the market. We will discuss about that languages in our next article.

#Best and New Techniques For Full stack Software Developers in 2021

What is full stack developer?

Full stack developers means that a developers knows both front-end as well as back-end. A full stack developer knows various programming languages, libraries, servers, databases , framework etc.

Which is the best Modern and New Stack for web development

Now, the most trending and famous stacks are MERN and MEAN. MERN and MEAN both stacks are used for web development.

Both of the stacks are the best choice, if you want to become a professional web developer. If you learn Mern or Mean then you can easily get a high level job in big companies.

Today there is very high demand of Mern & Mean in the big companies. Like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon etc.

What is Mern ? Which languages have to learn in it

Mern Image

Mern is a Stack Overflow. In this stack you have the learn 4 programming languages.

  1. MongoDB
  2. Express
  3. react Js
  4. Node Js

Full details on Mern is coming in our next Article.

—-Make a zoom clone with MERN full source code

What is Mean ? Which languages have to learn in it

Mean image

Mern and Mean stacks are almost same. Mean works like Mern stack with just a simple diference. React js is used in Mern but Angular is used in Mean.

In this stack you have the learn 4 programming languages as well as Mean.

  1. MongoDB
  2. Express
  3. Angular
  4. Node Js

Full details on Mean is coming in our next article.


Guys, If you want to become a web developer. I will strongly suggest you to learn the new technique web development Mean or Mern. If you want to become only front-end developer then you have to learn Javascript, Angular or React. Also learn HTML and Css . These both languages are necessary to learn. Because these all languages are embedded in HTML.

If you want to learn only back-end developer then you can learn python, php, Ruby etc. Back-end developers are also getting High salary Jobs. Famous companies like Google, facebook, twitter and other famous companies wants back-end and front-end developers.

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