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nest and Free SEO audit tols 2021

Best Free SEO Audit Tools: In the sector of websites or online business websites, today there is lots of competition available. So it makes it very important to have an SEO audit tool to inspect their competitor’s websites.

But nowadays the premium SEO tools like ahref, semrush are so expensive. Not everyone can hire them. Because they are really so expensive. But also they are too important for a blogger or online business website manager.

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Premium SEO tools

Beginners or a low-earning person can not hire those SEO tools. So, today will tell you about the premium but free SEO tool. That is amazing and I also use it. This Free SEO tool almost includes every function of a premium SEO tool.

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#Best and Free SEO Audit Tools

1.) SEO Spy Glass

SEO SPyglass

This tool is the most amazing and interesting SEO tool. I also use this tool for SEO analysis and for inspecting my competitor’s websites. It contains the best free SEO audit tools that give you premium functionality.

This is the most amazing free SEO audit tool that no one other free SEO tool gives. By this you can properly inspect your competitor’s websites and their backlinks. This best among all the free seo tools.

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I personally recommend you to at least once try this tool. Just believe me, you also will be amazed by trying this tool. This tool provides you an SEO tool worth almost 10,000 Indian Rupees.

SEO anlytics

Main Functions of Tool:

  • It contains a complete SEO tools bundle. Like Website auditor, Link Assistant, Rank Tracker, SEO Analysis.
  • You can inspect your competitor’s website properly that other free tools do not provide.
  • You can easily check your website’s whole SEO as well as Your competitor’s website.
  • we can also check our web site’s rank on any keyword with Rank Tracker included in it. That’s really amazing.
  • You can easily find your competitor’s backlinks. Their dead or lossed backlinks also. How many backlinks did they have?
  • You can check Domain strength, DA, PA, etc.
  • Easily check any website’s traffic or many other features.

So, there are many Other features available in this tool. So, you can say that this tool provides you the proper SEO power pack. You can do anything with this tool.

How To Download Best Free SEO audit Tool (SEO Spyglass)

If you want to download this tool. Then you have to go to it’s official website.

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Here is the Link for it’s official website.

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So, there are also other free webmaster or SEO tools available on the internet. But they don’t provide the ability to inspect your competitor’s website. You can inspect only your site with other SEO tools like:

  • Bing webmaster tool: This is official launched by Microsoft Bing. It can easily help you increase the performance of your site. It can inspect your own site.
  • Search Console: Similarly Bing webmaster tool, the Search a console is also a webmaster tool, officially launched by Google. You can inspect your website with this easily.
  • UbberSuggest: This is a keyword volume checker tool. this also powerful. But if you want to inspect another person’s website. Then you have to pay on this site.

So, there are many other webmaster tools and SEO tools available on the internet. I have made a full list of all these free webmaster tools. I will provide that list in my next article.

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