Android Developer Roadmap 2022 | Ultimate Roadmap Ever

Android Developer Roadmap 2022 is here!!  We can’t imagine our lives without android app. Over the past 2-3 years the number of android phone users are grown rapidly, and the number is continuously increasing over the time.

With this boom in the android phones industry, the demand for android developers is also growing rapidly over the time. And believe me the demand for android developers will insanely increase in upcoming years.

So, that’s why today I am here with the most demanding roadmap on the internet “Android Developer Roadmap

This roadmap is today’s most demandable roadmap ever. Students wants to learn android app development, but they actually don’t know from where to start learning android development. There are lots of roadmaps available for android development. But almost they all are a little bit complicated and confuse the students.

So, that’s why, I am here with the  most simple, most effective, and Ultimate Roadmap to learn Android Development

Contents Provided in this Roadmap?

  • Roadmap Explained
  • Free resources for learning Android Development at Home
  • Answers of (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions related to Android development

So, before starting the android developer roadmap 2022, let me explain who is android developer, why we choose android development as a career.

Who are Android Developers?

Android Developers are those who develop android apps. Basically android developers ar software developers who specializes the designing of android applications.The Android marketplace is the direct competitor to Apple’s app store. 

This means most of an Android Developer’s job revolves around creating the apps we use on our smartphones and tablets. Android Developers can either work in-house for a large organization, or they can be employed by an App Development agency.

To learn more about android developers: – Click Here to google’s official site for android developers

Why Choose Android Development as a Career?

We all are know that Android & iOS are two mobile app giants dominating the global smartphone market. However, Android tops the list with 72.83% of total mobile OS market share. 

Apps and Games Download statics :

Companies need more high quality, engaging apps to reach a wider audience, gain more visibility, and increase revenue. On the other hand, consumers want applications that make their daily routine easier. Hence, there is a huge demand for Android developers to build new user-friendly apps and improve existing ones’ performance.

Also the demand of a skilled android developer is increasing day by day in MNCs(Multi National Companies) Like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, etc.

Salary of Android App Developer

According to Glassdore, The national average salary for a Application Developer is ₹6,50,000 in India. Click here to learn more

According to indeed, The average salary for a application developer is $79,545 per year in the United States and $4,300 cash bonus per year. So it means there are huge salary and also demand in foreing countries( like United stated, Canada, Australia, etc.) for application developers. learn more

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Ultimate and Complete Roadmap for Android Developer

What Things Required for learning Android Development?

  • Use a Laptop with minimum 4Gb+  RAM. You can use 4GB of RAM, but it is better to use 8 GB RAM, But you can use 4GB RAM if you can’t afford it.
  • Use Laptop with SSD. SSD makes your laptop super fast as compare to hard disk. SSD really boosts the performance of a laptop.
  • USe an actual Android phone instead of AVD. we all knows that android studio need lots of resources, so if you use AVD then it will definitely downgrade your laptop’s performance. So, tries to use actual device instead of AVD.

Which Programming Language you should choose for android Developer as a beginner

So, first of all, I wants to mention which programming language you should choose. Well, there are Java, Kotlin and Flutter for developing android apps. Java and Kotlin are native that you can select to develop App for one platform at a time. Flutter is a hybrid language, which can be use to develop both android as well as iOS apps.

As a beginner, I will suggest you learn java for android app development because if you are a beginner, then java will be a great first language for you plus, if you know java, you can easily switch to Kotlin whenever you feel like!

Things to Learn

  • Java
  • XML
  • Android Studio
  • Android components
  • UI Design
  • Storage
  • Threading, Debugging
  • Memory Leaks
  • Libraries
  • Android Jetpack
  • Firebase
  • Security
  • App Release

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Free Resources for Learning Android Development

Best Free courses for Android Development provided by Google:

You will learn all the basics + start developing advance android app development with all above courses, which are officially provided by the google professionals.

  • If you wants to learn android development basics in Hindi, then you can watch this youtube video uploaded by Code With Harry.

———————– Android Development in One Video ————————–

Bonus Advices:

  • Learn Version Control: If you wants to become a professional android developer and wants a job or internship in Multinational companies( Like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) Then you should learn Version control System like Git. Because in a good company,  all the contributors contribute through version control.
  • Carefully use Admob API: Sometimes Admob API will little complex. you will need to read its terms and condition carefully. It would help if you so some research on its monetization programs before monetizing your application.
  • Also Learn DS and Algo: In android development, DS and Algo is a very very beneficial skil. If you know DS and Algo, then you can easily think that what task is to do or in which time. So, DS and Algo is really a plus point.

How to Earn with Android Development During College Time or as a Side Hustle

There are lots of way to earn with android app development skill. If you are a college student then it will be amazing, because you can start earning during your college time.

  1. Publish apps + admob: You can easily earn with apps, if you publish them on playstore with admob ads. You can earn money through admob ads.
  2. Publish apps+ In-App Purchase: You can publish you app in playstore and earn with In-App Purchase.
  3. Admob+ In-Ap Purchase: You can earn with integrating both In-App Purchase and admob ads in your app and publish it on playstore.
  4. Freelancing: Nowadays there is a huge demand of android app developers on various freelancing websites. You can make apps for peoples on their demand on freelancing websites.
  5. Internships: You can do internships as a android developer  during college time and earn.


This was the complete roadmap for becoming a professional android developer. It will help you for becoming an android app developer. May you will like this article.

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