10 Best Instagram Affiliate Marketing Strategies You’ve Never Thought Of

Instagram Affiliate Marketing

Did you Know ? Now Instagram is the No.1 social media platform for influencers marketing , Affiliate Marketing , For Big Brands. Hey Guys, Today I will tell you why Instagram is the best social media platform influencers marketing & Affiliate marketing . I will also tell you “How you can do affiliate marketing on Instagram and earn more money then any other platforms like Youtube , blogger , facebook etc.

Instagram is growing day by day and the users engagement quality is also increasing day by day in instagram. Which makes it unique and best profitable platform for affiliate marketing. It is different from other social media platforms and the ways and techniques also different from other any platform.

In this article I will tell you the most important tips and techniques for doing affiliate marketing in Instagram. All these techniques and tips are beginner friendly and trust me, You don’t need any followers for doing affiliate marketing on Instagram.

Affiliate marketing with instagram

You can do this even you have 0 followers on Instagram. SO just read the full article, because some techniques are the most important techniques. Without these techniques, you can’t become a successful Instagram affiliate marketer. So read it carefully.

Why You Should Choose Instagram Over Blogging, Youtube, Facebook for Affiliate Marketing ?

-> Instagram is the No.1 Platform Among Influencers:

Nowadays, Instagram becomes the most favourite and powerful social media platform for Influencers, Affiliate marketers, or other big influencer companies. Because Instagram has the most quality and engaging users. Instagram engaging users rate is 2- 7 % on every post.

2015 stats of instagram and facebook, user engagement

                       It is far better than Facebook or other social media networks. Twitter has the least engaging users with 1 over 1000. So, that’s why Instagram is now becoming the no.1 social media platform for affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, or for brands.

                        That’s why big brands mostly uses the Instagram for marketing their products.

# Report Of Instagram’s used by Influencers and Affiliate Marketers.

In a report, in January 2018, Instagram won over other famous platforms with 78% used by the influencers. Whereas 16% for blogs, Youtube only 4% and Facebook only 2% used by the influencers.

IG affiliate Marketing

Now, You will get some idea, How much Instagram is growing in influencer marketing, affiliate marketing in upcoming years.

                      That’s why I am recommending you to focus on Instagram influencer marketing If you want big profits in the upcoming years.

# Huge Active, Quality and Engaging Users Everyday

Did you know? Instagram has 1 Billion Monthly active users. That is 3 times of Twitter users. Instagram has 500 Million daily active Instagram story users.

Users of Instagram

Instagram stands No.1 among all social media platforms in the term of quality traffic. It has the most engaging users. That’s why it is most used by big brands, influencer marketers.

So, that’s why Instagram is the best platform for doing Affiliate Marketing.

Here is the list of top 6 Quality  and Engaging Users platforms:

  1. Instagram
  2. Youtube
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest
  6. Snapchat

How to Do Affiliate Marketing On Instagram ?

Most of the peoples think that affiliate marketing is very difficult on Instagram. But that’s not true. Because most people don’t know the right techniques for affiliate marketing on Instagram. Because there are different techniques on Instagram for affiliate marketing.

We can’t put affiliate links directly on our Instagram posts. So there are different methods for doing affiliate marketing on Instagram. Because Instagram is a different kind of social media platform.

Don’t worry today I will tell you the proper and best methods for doing affiliate marketing on Instagram and you can easily earn money.

Affiliate Marketing with Instagram is not so easy but also not so hard. Just you have to use right techniques for it.

Hey Guys, First of all, you have to create a new and awesome, and attractive Instagram page related to your niche. Pick a name that properly suits your niche.

If your page name does not match the niche then your Instagram page will never rank in Instagram and you will never reach new audiences. So this part is a very very important part. Write a perfect BIO in an attractive manner.

Bio is an important part because you can put your affiliate link in Bio. So an attractive Bio helps to generate sales.

# In The Beginning, Just Promote One Brand’s Product.

It is a more valuable and more sales-generating method that promotes one brand’s products in the beginning. Because in the beginning, you can just put your affiliate link in the only bio. So, if you are promoting one brand, then for every post, Your Bio Link will work.

# Post Daily Attractive Photos of Your Products and Also Stories for Followers and Sales

In the beginning, Firstly you have to Grow your Instagram page. For growing Instagram Page, you have to post daily. Daily means daily. Just upload attractive picture pictures daily and also stories.

If you do this, Then Instagram will start recommending your page to your niche interested peoples. Just try this and this will increase your sales and your followers too.

# Upload Reels & IG TV ( Most Important )

Guys if you are just uploading pictures, then only this will not work. You have to upload some IG TV and Reels. Guys Reels are just amazing. Reels is the next big thing from where you can just generate unlimited sales.

Trust me Guys, when I start uploading reels then my sales and followers increase rate increases to 215 %. Before my daily followers increase by 4 or 5. But After reels, my daily followers increase by 50 to 100. Which is awesome.

It also increases your sales. Because more peoples see it the more peoples buy it. Please start uploading reels related to your niche. Because Instagram recommendation really very important.

# Promote your posts or Stories :

Guys, if you want then you can promote your content on Instagram, but promoting make sure that your Instagram page must have 20+ posts and some reels. By doing this people will thinks that this page is a genuine page and providing quality content.

   It will definitely increase your followers also sales, but if you have some content posted on your Instagram page.

  • If you have followers less than 10K, then you can put an affiliate link only in your BIO. That’s why recommend you if you have less than 10K followers or no followers, then just pick a one brand for affiliate marketing. It makes it easier for you to change your affiliate marketing.
  • If you have 10K+ followers, Then you can also put your affiliate link in stories through the swipe up feature. It really impacts.

#Build Your Audience E-mail List for E-mail Marketing :

Hey Guys, this is a very important factor in today’s affiliate marketing techniques. You have to build your audience’s e-mail list. That doesn’t matter how you build that list. Like by providing free tutorial books, PDF, or something else for free.

If you are not building your audience’s e-mail list that means you are not building your business empire. Which is most important for becoming a successful affiliate marketer. In my next blog, I will tell you how you can do Affiliate Marketing with your E-mail. Which is the most Effective way in Affiliate marketing.

So, you can also learn how to do E-Mail Affiliate Marketing and how to write content for E-mail Marketing.

Conclusion and which is the most Important tip :

Guys, among all the above tips, the most effective tip is to Upload Reels as much as you can. It is the most powerful and effective way for doing affiliate marketing on Instagram. In this, No matters whether you have followers or not.

                           This trick works perfectly and in my case,  this trick helps me a lot. Now I generate most of the affiliate sales through Reels.

Hope Guys, you will like our today’s article. If you want such amazing articles, please share this article and subscribe to our newsletter for getting notifications about our latest posts. Thank you for reading our article.


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