7 Proven Ways to Instantly Improve Your Blog Writing

7 Proven Ways to Instantly Improve Your Blog Writing(4)

Why the technique of Blog writing is so important in Blogging? & How These 7 Proven Ways to Instantly Improve Your Blog Writing

  • Get higher conversion rates on your site’s main pages
  • Improve structure and flow of articles
  • Get more engagement on social media posts
  • Make your article easily readable
  • Have more people share your content
  • Understand your customer’s needs

Why you should take it seriously?

Guys, did you know? When I started blogging as a career option, at that time nobody tells me these things in blog writing.

Guys, according to me, the technique of blog writing is the main and most important thing in blogging.

Why blog writing technique is important

In my 2+ years of experience in blogging, I have experienced that, However, your website’s SEO, DA, or anything is insane or best, but if your technique of content writing is not good, then nobody will stay on your website.

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You can drive traffic to your blog from various techniques, but if your blog is not written with the right technique. Then all your efforts and techniques were failed.

Because I think that content is the backbone of any blog website.

If your backbone is not perfect, then other things like SEO,  Domain DA, PA, Social Sharing, etc. Will all waste… Google will never rank your site if visitors not feeling comfortable with your content.

So, the Techniques of content writing are also a very important factor in blogging. Take it seriously.

So, in this article, I will share with you the “7 Proven Ways to Instantly Improve Your Blog Writing.” Use these techniques in your blog writing and see their effect on your audience.

7 Proven Techniques to Instantly Improve Your Blog Writing

First of all, you should need to understand the mindset of your audience or peoples. What they need the most, which type of content they will love to read. So, starts this article with our first technique…

1.) Always Use Magnetic and Attractive Headlines :

Guys, your article’s headline decides, whether users will click on your article or not. If your content is better, but your article’s headline is not looking so attractive.

Then the majority of the people will not click on your site.

Use magnetic headlines

You should optimize your article’s headline for getting: Social traffic and search traffic.

Around 70-90 % of peoples click on Attractive Headlines instead of normal headlines. Like 70-90% of peoples will click on “11 Ways to increase your website traffic” instead of “How to increase website traffic.

How to write Magnetic & Attractive Head Lines for your Article

Which points you should needs to take care about before writing a blog head line:

  • Must include your keyword in the headline at the right place ( Find keywords from Google Keywords planner tool)
  • Try and keep your title under 70 characters so it doesn’t get cut off in Google Search
  • Include odd numbers in blog headline( Like 7 ways, 11 tricks to find xxx)
  • Use Eye-catching words in the title.


  • “How XX Can do XX” (i.e. “How Students Can Make Money Fast Working Part-Time”)
  • “XX People/Things Who Are Doing XX” (i.e. “15 Tricks to create backlinks”)
  • “How to Do XX (Even If [Obstacle])” (i.e. “How to Start Investing Even if You Don’t Have of Money”)
  • “How to X” (i.e. “How to Get 10,000 Followers on Instagram”)

probably on what bases you can create more compelling headlines:

  • Use list posts (i.e. “10 Ways to make money without investment”)
  • Ask a question
  • Create curiosity
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Aim to trigger emotion in the reader
  • Use alliteration occasionally
  • Use power words
  • Make the value as clear as possible

2.) Hook peoples in from the beginning:

Hook peoples by in the beginning in a blog

Guys people have very low attention spans on any article or blog. If you don’t “Hook” peoples in the starting of your article, then people will click off in seconds. People will not stay on your website for much time.

You can hook them in by telling them the benefits of that article, telling a story or starts the article with common problem that audience of that type faces.

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So these are the most effective ways to hook readers in the beginning:

  • Tell some key benefits of your article
  • Start your article with telling a  story
  • Starts your article with a common problem that they faces

3.) Use some BB(Bucket Brigades) in your articles: ( to improve blog writing)

Now, what are the Bucket Brigades?

Basically, Bucket Brigades are some attention grabbing words, that most of the peoples suddenly notices in your articles.

For example: if reader is not interested in your article and he is just scrolling down your article quickly. At that time bucket brigades grabs his attention and reader will read that full line.

It will decrease your site’s bounce rate. Here are the some famous and common bucket brigades…

  • Look:
  • Here’s the deal:
  • For example:
  • Even better:
  • In fact:
  • That said:
  • However:
  • Okay, etc.

Click here to load full list of Bucket Brigade words

4.)Always Tries to Use Shorter Paragraphs

Most of the peoples hates reading long paragraphs. As they hate, they click of in seconds, and not read your full article.

So, always avoid long paragraphs in your article. Your article must be more scannable, that your article will impress the reader at on glance.

So, always use shorter paragraphs. Try to keep your paragraphs under 5-6 Lines. It will make your site’s audience easy to read your article, In fact they will read for more time.

5.) Use Eye-catching Images,  photos and Infographs:

Eye-catching photos can do wonders for your site’s traffic. They can make your site more eye- catchy, understandable, visually appealing, so that readers stay on your site for longer time.

Pictures/infographics make your content more sharable.

In a study found that, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social networks that other types of content. Infographics are also increase the trust of your audience in your website.

Photos/Infographs are second trustable content types

So, must focus on images and visuals that you are using in your article. In fact, it can drive more traffic on your site, if peoples are constantly shares your article.

6.) Must Use Content Table in your article: ( must thing for improve blog writing)

Guys, most of the beginners does not include content table in their articles. Although it is not so important, but very effective if you include this in your article. How?

Content table has 2 benefits in our article.

  1. It will helps enhance user experience. Because with content table, readers will knows that where and which type of content is written in this article. They can easily navigate their favourite part of article.
  2. It will helps in On-Page SEO of your article. Google will also easily understand your article and can be easily rank your article on Google searches.

So, don’t forget to include content table in your blog article. It is very effective in both SEO and User experience.

7.) Don’t Forget to Include Conclusion/Summary  at the End of the Article

Most of beginners don’t pay attention on writing conclusions at the end of the article. Some peoples have don’t time to read full article. So, they looks for conclusion in an article.

So, having a conclusion in an article shows the professionalism in writing an article. It will do a good impact on readers of your article. So, must include conclusion/Summary at the end of the article. It really impacts good.


So, Guys, in this article I have told you the “7 Proven Strategies/Ways to instantly improve your Blog Writing.”

Let’s have a quick look on that 7 Proven Ways/Strategies:

  1. Use attractive and magnetic headlines
  2. Hook customers in the beginning ( How to hook readers explained above section)
  3. Use BB( Bucket Brigades ) Strategy.
  4. Always Use shorter Paragraphs to increase engagement rate
  5. Use better Visuals, Infographicss in your articles
  6. How content table works for both SEO and User experience.
  7. Don’t forget to include a Conclusion or Summary in an article.

So, guys these are the proven 7 ways to improve your blog writing and user engagement rate. It will surely also helps in On-Page SEO.

Hope guys, you will like our today’s article. If you wants to get notifications about our new posts then just subscribe our website’s newsletter. Then you will receiving notifications for our latest posts.


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