6 Common Features of MilesWeb’s Reseller Hosting Packages

Users looking start their hosting business always prefer cheap reseller hosting plans. And most of them sign up for MilesWeb’s reseller web hosting plans. They are one of the leading web hosting provider offering best web hosting plans. 

However, many of the Windows reseller hosting users who purchase reseller hosting plans for the first time are unaware of what features they will get? These features that we are mentioning below are common in MilesWeb’s reseller hosting packages.

So, without any delay, let us look over some amazing features that help reseller’s in several ways. We have covered many features, from security to server support, in this guide. Keep reading to know more about it.

Features included in MilesWeb’s Reseller Web Hosting Plans

1.)Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed performance is essential when you are hosting multiple sites of clients. After all, they are paying you to get maximum uptime of their websites and applications.

Even seconds of delay in it can make you lose clients. According to studies, 40% of visitors abandon sites that take more than 3 to 4 loading times. Moreover, extended downtime directly hampers bounce rates and conversion rates.

Therefore, reseller users need high-powered servers to get guaranteed performance and maximum uptime. And such servers are available with reliable web hosting providers only.

As far as MilesWeb is concerned, it offers 99.95% uptime to websites and applications. They have good quality servers that host unlimited domains with minimal latency.

Also, their servers are equipped with fast SSD storage and latest generation processors for faster data processing.

2.)24×7 Technical Support

As a reseller user, your duty is not only limited to selling hosting packages. In fact, your clients will always approach you if they experience any technical errors in your hosting service. And to resolve such issues, users need a technically proficient team available 24×7.

Moreover, they should be able to reach you across different channels like email, phone and others. The good point with MilesWeb is that you do not have to invest additional expenses on the IT team.

It is because MilesWeb offers 24×7 technical support to users.

Thereby, if your clients are experiencing any performance related issues, consult with the hosting provider, and they will do it in no time. MilesWeb is easy to reach via live chat and email. Remember that a good level of customer service is always essential to build the brand credible.

3.)White Label Branding

Reselling hosting packages with the hosting provider’s brand name might create a negative impression. Hence, MilesWeb offers 100% white labeled reseller web hosting services to resolve this problem.

The main benefit of white labelling is that reseller users will earn profit without revealing the hosting provider’s name.

Because of this white-labeling functionality, your clients will not be able to track down the name of the original web hosting provider. Furthermore, they will believe your web hosting brand is the one providing the services. Because of white labeled reseller hosting services, the chances are higher to generate more revenue and build your hosting brand credible.

4.)Hosting Unlimited Websites

Being a reseller user, you might host multiple sites or sometimes even unlimited too. Therefore, you need a fixed number of cPanel accounts to manage domains with every domain. With MilesWeb’s reseller web hosting plans, there are no restrictions on adding domains and subdomains. Under one cPanel account, they can manage multiple domains of their clients. 

MilesWeb offers up to 30 cPanel accounts with the server space to host unlimited domains. Besides, their reseller hosting packages give unlimited bandwidth too. So, there is no point in extended downtime and low performance.

5.)Terms of Services

Although you are a reseller user, there will be some terms and conditions from the original web hosting provider. Before purchasing reseller web hosting packages, read their terms of service carefully.

Ensure that there is no restriction in hosting infrastructure that makes your hosting brand a reliable option for your target audience. 

To know more details about the reseller’s terms and conditions of MilesWeb, it is recommended to connect with them through email. They are one of the reliable web hosting providers that does not impose any terms and conditions on users. Due to this, they can easily resell their web hosting infrastructure. 

6.) Secured Hosting Packages 

Reseller users must not compromise on data security standards. So, it is important for them to check whether the hosting services they are buying are secured or not. With MilesWeb’s reseller web hosting plans, websites are secured because the web hosting provider scans them regularly. And if there are any threats found, MilesWeb will fix them in no time. 

Final Line

All of the above features are helpful for reseller users in providing top-grade web hosting services to their clients. Find a reliable web hosting provider that offers exactly features that can grow your web hosting business. Moreover, it also enhances the success probability. MilesWeb is the right reseller hosting provider that meets all hosting parameters.


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