3 Featured Snippet Optimization Strategies to Win the War of Ranking

Faetured SNippet Optimization Strategies

“Featured Snippet Optimization Strategies” helps in increasing your website’s visibility and enhances your website to appear in top search results with featured snippets.

Did you know?

Only 6.83% of all search results have featured snippets. And featured snippets stealing the majority of the clicks. So, why we just optimize our websites for featured snippets?

I Optimized my website for featured snippet and got amazing results!!!

Actually, I did the same and I shocked after the results of optimizing my website for featured snippets.

I optimized my website for featured snippets

I got #1 Ranking on Google on many keywords of my articles. I got 85% more clicks, Just by optimizing my website for Featured Snippet.

Do you want more traffic? There is the solution! Just optimize your website to get that first line of information in Google’s featured snippet, which will gather millions of visitors and make you achieve the top positions in the search results. This resource is here to help you learn how to do it.

why we need to optimize website for featured snippets

Featured Snippet is part of the search engine optimization strategy. Featured Snippet appears as an answer to users’ questions instantly when they put in keyword(s) in the search box. There are many chances for your website content to be displayed as featured snippets.

As Google provides content in their featured snippet, it is more likely that some visited website is clicked and shown a higher rate of page views, thereby increasing search engine ranking at the same time.

Featured snippets play an important role in ranking your site for specific keywords. But how to get your featured snippet showing on Google is not as simple as it sounds. You need optimization for featured snippets.

You have to know about the importance of featured snippets, what type of content you can create, and how to create optimized content for it? So, let’s to understand all the aspects related to Featured Snippets.

Benefits of optimization of Featured Snippets

How to do Optimization of Featured Snippets on your Website Post/Articles

Featured Snippet is a new feature of Google’s search engine. Recently, it has gained popularity among SEO specialists because it effectively maximizes the rankings of a page in the search engine results. Using Featured Snippet, one can increase traffic and improve SERP ranking.

Well, we will optimize our article to appear in the featured snippet. We will optimize through 3 simple ways…

  • Hidden Featured Snippet Opportunities
  • Insert “Snippet Bait” to your page or article
  • Format your content for featured snippet

What most of the new bloggers does? — find a new keyword with good search volume & low competition. search for feature snippet for that keyword and start working —– !!! WRONG WAY – do not do this

Now what the Right way to optimize Feature snippet in beginning ?

First of all !! Look for keywords on which your website already ranked on first page.

If your website doesn’t rank on first page for any keyword, then first of all you have to rank your website page on first page of search.

Insert “Snippet Bait” to your page or article

Now you have to insert “Snippet Bait” in your post or article. Now what is Snippet bait ??

Snippet Bait (example for optimization of featured snippet )


“Snippet Bait” is a block of 40- 60 words in an article or web page. And it is specially designed to rank in features snippet spot.

What is Snippet bait?? (in optimization of featured snippet)

Now why only 40-60 words in featured snippet?

According to SEMrush, they analyzed nearly 7 million featured snippets.  And they found that most Featured Snippets are 40-60 words long.

Did you know?

  • 82% Featured Snippets on the search results are from paragraph Snippets.
  • 10.8% Featured Snippets comes on the search results are List Featured Snippets.
  • 7.3% are Table featured snippets that comes from search results.
Format your content for various types of featured Snippets

So, you have to format your content according to this data. Like, If your post has some table or paragraph data. Then you must optimize your article for both paragraph snippet and table snippet .

Table featured Snippet( optimization of featured Snippet)

You have to write article or format an article in a way that it will optimized for showing featured snippet in search results. So, you have to write paragraphs or list or table in such a way that, Google can easily pull this data from your website.

And shown that data to the users directly in the form of feature snippet.

Summary ( Short explanation of article )

Featured Snippets are a great way to show up in search results. The event doesn’t happen very often, but the ones which do, can make you explode with traffic, especially if keywords in the Snippet are optimized.

So how could we optimize our post or article to show up Featured Snippets on Google search? In this article you’ll get some interesting strategies to optimize your website’s featured snippets.

Benefits of optimizing feature snippets:

  • Get the explosion of web traffic ( Traffic in millions)
  • Got #1 Ranking easily on Google with highly Optimized Featured Snippets
  • Get High Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
  • Improves SERP Ranking

What are the steps to optimizing the Featured Snippets:

Well, We will optimize Featured Snippets into three steps:

  • Hidden Opportunities of Optimizing Featured Snippets
  • Insert “Snippet Bait” in your article or post
  • Format Content For various Feature Snippets

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