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Wondering where to guest post? I have 11+ best guest posting sites list.

As a blogger, you should guest post to promote your blog and get traffic. Here is a list of the sites which will give you free to submit your post.

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So you want to start guest posting, but confused about where the best places are to do it? We have a list of the best FREE guest posting sites with high PR and DA domains for your reference.

Guest posting benefits are of crucial importance for blogging: They help you attract more visitors, backlinks and improve your visibility in the blogging community.

So, Guys, before talking about the list of Guest Posting Sites. Let’s have a look at “What is Guest posting? Benefits of Guest posting?”

What is Guest posting?

Have you ever wondered what is the definition of guest posting? Can a guest post really help your website? In this section, we take a look at what is guest posting and how it really helps.

Guest posting is a very effective way of driving some targeted traffic to your site, getting quality backlinks, and building your personal brand.

As a Blogger, I highly recommend guest posting as a way to help your website outshine the competition.

So, what is guest posting? Guest posting is a method of marketing for bloggers and site owners, whereby they write an article for another blog or site on a particular topic, usually with a link back to their own site or blog.

They also usually get some form of exposure in the form of an author profile, if the target website has this feature – especially one which uses rich snippets and can be seen quite easily in Google search results.

Basically, In simple words :

Guest posting is the concept of providing content to other online publications in order to increase readership and bring new visitors to your website or blog. You will also get quality backlinks through guest posting. Which increases your website’s Domain Authority.

Benefits Of Guest Posting:

Explanation and working of guest posting web traffic

Guest posting is something you should seriously consider.

Not only will guest posting help with your SEO and contribute to the establishment of your online authority, but it could also be the main tool you need for gaining new clients.


Guest posting is a great way to grow your blog audience and build authority. There are many benefits of guest posting, but here are 5main benefits :

  • Gains quality and massive traffic on your blog website.
  • You will get High-quality Backlinks to your website.
  • You’ll achieve a higher ranking in SERPs.
  • You can bring your targeted audiences.
  • Increases Your domain authority (if you puts your website’s backlinks in a guest post)

Best and Free Guest Posting Sites List 2021 :

Guest Posting SitesDAPAWebsite Monthly Organic TrafficAlexa Rank
Listileller.com3036             1.4K172,437
Buzzfeed.com9351            2.6M575
List.ly8364            104K11,700
Mix.com7961            360K9,391
Newsdeskblog.com5739             1K122,578
Dzone.com8463            740K6,093
Medium.com9581            5.4M73
Articlecity.com4560             1K48,325
Sites.google.com9784             4.5B1
Acadmea.edu9373              3M435
Onmogul.com7856              26K21,268

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Get High Traffic From These Guest Posting Sites List :

So Guys, when you post your guest post article on these websites, Then you will starts receiving web traffic.


If you have to write quality content to the users. Your post can be deleted if you are not providing good quality to the users. But in some websites not all. So, write quality guest post articles and submit them on these websites.

Ending words of this article

So Guys, Go and start building high-quality do-follow backlinks with web traffic. Hope you’ll like our today’s article” Free guest posting sites list”. If you like our today’s article please subscribe to our website’s newsletter and start receiving such amazing article notifications on your e-mail.


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