KataOS -Google’s New Operating System for ML Applications

KataOS google's new operating system

Rust has had a busy time taking over operating systems. Last year was Android, and this year the Linux kernel. Now Google is working on a new operating system focused on embedded systems written in Rust KataOS. What is KataOS? So, what is KataOS, and can it be your next desktop OS?   Probably not; the … Read more

3 Quick Steps to Monetize Pinterest | Easiest Ways Ever

how to monetize pinterest

How to Monetize Pinterest: Pinterest is a great tool for sharing visuals and engaging the audience in an easy way. Today Pinterest has 1 Billion monthly users. 41% of users are from the U.S.A. So, it means all the traffic on Pinterest is quality traffic and we can easily engage with a quality audience. But … Read more

What is Lingose GameFi? Web3 Gaming ? New future? A good investment?

What is Lingose GameFi : Lingose (LING) is newly launched WEB3 gaming crypto project. Have you ever wondered what is Lingose GameFi ? and how to buy Lingose(LING)? Today, I’m going to explain everything about Lingose GameFi and providing a step by step guide on how to buy Lingose(LING) coins. Lingose GameFi is a decentralized … Read more

What is GTE Technology? Why & How to invest in it?

In this article, you will dive into “what GTE technology is?” but before that, I want to tell you something about GTE technology. Do you think you will encounter a financial technological boom bigger than cryptocurrencies 5G and Ai? Yes, it is happening right now and we started taking notice of it once the world’s … Read more

Get Canva Pro Free For Students in 2023 |Free Canva Pro Guide

How to get Canva pro for free in 2023

Do you want to get Canva pro account for free in 2022? Get canva pro free for students If yes, then you are on the right place. Here you will get different ways to get canva pro account for free in 2022. Why should you go for Canva? Because nowadays Canva is the best online … Read more